Mission Trip!

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  1. Recently our church had a mission trip to Louisiana. Here are some of the stuff we did to be a blessing to the community.
    1. Dishes-There was a house that was less than a mile from the church. Lets just leave it at the woman was living in not the best of conditions. We got some of here dishes and nick nacks brought them back to the church and washed them. We then returned them to her house.
    2. Block Party-We held a block party that was a pretty good turn out! We had blow ups and snacks. We also got to talk to some church members.
    3. Pastors house. The pastor was actually a friend of my dads when he was young. He was his preacher. He now has cancer and can't get around too well. We fixed some stuff at his house. Some door hinges weren't big enough so we fixed them. We also fixed a camera. So that his wife could see him while she was at work.
    4. Hedges-Me and some other guys trimmed hedges for a church members house. We also talked with a really nice neighbor. We invited him to church but he did not show up. Maybe one day he will.
    That's basically all. Can't wait till next year!
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  2. Sounds excellent.
  3. It is good to see a young man on fire for the Lord; stay in the faith-as you get older and more efficient-the world will try to break you down and tempt you with all its wiles. Sadly many youth fall, and fall hard in their teens-never to return to Christ.

    Keep your faith-listen to your Bible believing elders and obey God and your parents. (Seek truth in all things) Youth is a gift many of us squander away and before you know it it is gone. Don't let yourself become a statistic of sin. FIGHT the GOOD fight! You will watch many of your peers fall away.

    Keep the faith-God bless you my young Brother. Get involved in as many ministries as you can handle...ENJOY the Lord in your youth and you will walk with Him to the finish line....
  4. Thanks I will try to live my life for Christ.

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