Mission Accomplished

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  1. The devil is an imposter.

    He’s a liar, he’s a fake and he longs to be God

    He has only one mission, you know.

    To steal, to kill and to destroy.

    And he won’t stop until it’s done

    Staying right by your side

    Pretending that he is with you,

    That he is for you

    Whispering sweet nothings in your ear

    And then he gets you alone

    And violates the very essence of who you were made to be

    The spirit-filled being God is working on

    He touches a soft spot

    Encountering a nerve that can easily be unraveled

    He caresses a hidden thought

    Something that was only between you and God

    How could he know, you ask

    How did you know? You ask him

    Because I understand you, he says

    And then he comforts you in that thought

    Feeding your desire to be loved

    Feeding your desire to be understood

    Feeding your longing to share

    That thought

    Satisfying that fleshly desire

    You DO understand, you say to him

    And you give in to it.

    Living it out over and over in your mind

    Replacing the Word you have hidden in your heart

    With the need to be fed

    Next thing you know he’s lying right next to you

    As he continues to caress that thought,

    Touching your heart,

    Your mind,

    Your soul,

    Right down to the core of your being

    And the desire to give in overcomes you

    And he takes you.

    You speak what he has whispered.

    Quality time spent with loved ones, stolen by a harsh word

    You say what you heard him say,

    Devouring a friendship,

    Tearing down a life that took a lifetime to build

    You do what he suggested,

    Ripping up precious seed that had yet to be watered.

    He robbed you of that harvest.

    His mission is done.

    He has killed, he has stolen and he has destroyed.

    And now

    You are really alone.

    Left to pick up the pieces of your broken thoughts and wounded soul.

    Because you let him.

    Mission accomplished, he says

    And then he moves on to the next participant.


    A servant of the Lord,

    Sis. E




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