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  1. The sunset last night marked the start of the Day of Atonement, the day when the High Priest enters the Holy of Holies to pour the blood of the sacrifice onto the Mercy Seat for the sins of the High Priest which reflect the sins of the nation. I asked a Jewish friend of mine if they were going to blow the trumpets (not the shofar) heralding the beginning of the Sabbath Year (shmita). Sadly his reply was "No, we don't do it these days."

    It's sad that they not only missed the Messiah's first coming, but also the whole reason for the Day of Atonement and the Shmita year. Read this article about the shmita:


    In the article they were talking about how they "legally" circumvent God's command by "selling" their land to non-Jews so they can continuing to work the land. As with the Jews today, I see so many Christians trying to circumvent God's commandments by finding "legal" loopholes. This kind of action only leads to destruction and false beliefs. What kind of relationship would it be if you found a loophole to cheat on your spouse - believing then that you haven't sinned! What's the point of the Day of Atonement or the Blood of Jesus? You're still dead in your sins.

    The mark of a true Christian is one that despises sin, not make excuses for it, John 14:15; 2 Peter 2:14.
  2. Ah, the joys of legalism.

    It will be sad on Judgement day, how many will have God stare them down and say to them "that's not what I meant and you know it".
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  3. Wonder if the years are meant to be observed all together.
    "OK neighbor, you must let your field rest this year, but feel free to glean sustenance from mine and next year I'll let my land rest and glean for my needs from your field."
    Did I miss the part where a specific year was earmarked for the Sabbath year?
    Certainly the spirit of the law is to rest the land, not to render the whole of the country unproductive for a year.
    Perhaps this is a loophole, but maybe it is better understood as brotherly/neighborly love.
  4. Read what the word of God says. God will provide. Wait until the 50th year which is a Jubilee and you can't glean then either.
  5. Lev 25:11 That fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; in it you shall neither sow nor reap what grows of itself nor gather the grapes from the undressed vines.
    Lev 25:12 For it is a jubilee. It shall be holy to you. You may eat the produce of the field.
    Well it seems that cultivating or dressing the grape vines is OK, and I think the intention (v11) would be that cultivation of the land is to resume so as to avoid having wild crops.
    But certainly V12b allows for eating in the jubilee.

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