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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Missing posts

    Sorry everyone, this is the second time its happened. I had to restore the database to older but recent one, so there would be some posts missing here.

    What had happened is that, I tried installing a new blogging software and while trying to import the data from the old one which had some conflicting tables, the data got messed up. So what I could do was to delete the main database and replace it with the latest backup I had.

    I have saved some huge posts manually by copy them in text format and I'll be forwarding them to it's respective posters/thread starters.

    Sorry about this. It will not happen again.
  2. Yes, bad things happened, Banas everywhere cried real tears. I felt like I was a cop in prison. You don't know what they do to guys like us in prison.

    But YAY! It's all fixed, I live once again, and now I can terroriz...I mean moderate the board with an iron fis...I mean, in a fair and responsible manner at all times.
  3. I knew something was up last night some of the posts showed a count of n/a- life still somehow goes on!
  4. I knew something was up when I tried to log in only to discover that I was demoded and b&. :eek:
  5. But life went on anway?:D
  6. Dreary and depressing as it was. :cool:
  7. Don't panic Ban. Even if you ask me to demod you, I still wouldn't allow that. :D
  8. Ack! Trapped in a life of slave labor. Like the Israelites in Egypt, or anyone who has ever attended a Kenny G concert!
  9. :stop:No:stop:Es:stop:ca:stop:pe:stop:
  10. He's right you know Banana :D

    But hey......... How can one escape from all these blessings ????
  11. :D:D
  12. Announcement:
    The forum might be shutdown for a while if the developers of this forum software, logs in to repair it.
  13. Thanks for the warning

  14. Uh, I like Kenny G and loved attending his concerts back in the 80s...:eek:

    So does that mean my last post on the Difference between the Soul and Spirit thread won't be coming back?:confused: Say it ain't so Joe, er, Jeff.:D

  15. Been there and done that...talk about sweating bullets. Glad it worked out.
  16. If it aint broke, Don't fix it! ;)

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