Minor versus Major

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  1. Minor versus Major

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I really like all about Geography stuffs, but after graduating from Secondary School I was forget now, but trying to remember and reading some articles from the internet and library.

    Major versus Minor

    What is that actually?

    In my opinion (I am not plagiarising; but I just have in my idea)
    Major Environmental Issues which is known as :

    1. Global Warming
    2. Greenhouse Effect

    Then how about minor?
    Minor Environmental Issues which is quite common to other countries but might be different to some other countries:

    1. Water Pollution
    2. Air Pollution
    3. Improper Waste Management
    4. Sound Pollution

    What is the relationship b/w Major and Minor?

    I make this forum to become like discussion so that any constructive ideas are welcome.


    God bless
  2. There does not seem to be a concensus among those in the environmental scientific community as to the relative importance of these topics. The extreme activists have one set of majors, the general scientific community may have other thoughts and the general public has different importances to them as well. Major and minor environmental topics are all relative based upon their specific importance to groups or individuals.
  3. I agree with Pastor Gary.

    It is really the MINOR environmental issues that are causing the most damage. But, the extremists focus on the MAJOR - things that are either overrated or were major but it is not something that can stay around for a long time.

    Water is a vital source to the planet. If our water was completely poisoned beyond drinkability, realize how bad that would be. America is one of the biggest waste baskets on the planet IMO. We have more trash in our trash cans that say, Europe. And we're still not properly disposing of recyclable materials.

    People (the general public) will not doing much unless it

    A) affects their lifestyles in someway
    B) famous people supposedly are into this "green" theme
    C) it'll save them money (i.e., gas, food, whatever they spend on most)
    D) whatever reason they have
  4. Misinterpretation

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I apologize that I have misinterpreted the topic :(

    It should be minor leading to major; it is not minor versus major.

    Like an example;
    over-populated -> majority riding motorcycles -> air pollution -> global warming (excessive air pollution)

    What does it sound? Is it much clearer?

    Looking for the advice.

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