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  1. So today I saw one of my coworkers reading this huge book and asked him what it was about. He said that he wanted to know the meaning of life and asked God and felt like God told him to read this book. As a result of him reading it he now wants to research more about religion and God and I started sharing my faith. After talking to me he said that I am a very cool person to talk to and that he was interested in doing some studies with me sometimes outside of work. I happily agreed and we exchanged numbers so that we can meet up sometime and talk more about the faith and do some studying together. I however read somewhere that it is dangerous for a guy and girl to do that because it can be tempting and that if a man wants to know more about God that I should direct him to a brother in Christ to talk to. Should I study with him and minister to him myself or should I just send him off to someone else such as a man of God? I was going to direct him to a rev I know and work with him myself as well.
  2. Well first ask God what to do.
    It cant hurt to ask the man you think can minister to him if he wants to chat with your co worker amd then refer him to him, recommend him highly. If three of you study bible together that might be even better. You will all be learning.
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  3. Greetings:
    Bad move.God puts out spikenard for erotica,so that a marriage has some grooviness for cementing the
    edges around the bond.All the good intentions of the world don't get the birds and bees into a cold bath.
  4. You could meet at public places such as libraries or parks or coffee shops. Having a third person in the study would be ideal. Just keep alert to any leading questions or compliments he may pay you. Talk to your pastor about what you are doing and keep him updated. Let this guy know you will be informing your pastor about what you two discuss and this may help keep the wrong motivations from popping up.
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  5. If you were my daughter I would say NO. No amount of Christianity will stop temptation from rearing its head when spending much alone time with someone of the opposite sex. Temptation is made worse by discussing a sensitive topic. Christianity is not absence of brains.
  6. Pray for the right answer to be given to you.
    Be careful...practice what you preach, one thing every minister holds on their shoulders.
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