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    Do YOU & YOUR HUSBAND or WIFE ever get away for some QUITE TIME for just the two of you ? Like go some where just for the weekend w/ NO KIDS, NO PHONES ... Just some place you can go to go and enjoy NATURE like get out and do some walking and talking with each other without being interrupted by ... knocks on the bedroom door, mommy I need you, or can you help me with my homework ... just some time FOR YOU ?

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    I have been married for 35 years to a wonderful man. We started back on our 25th Anniversary going away for weekend trips & so ... we started out staying closer to home so JUST IN CASE something would come up we were able 2 get home right away. But soon we started to adventure out a little further away. And, so I must tell you that after one of those weekend trips we came back feeling good and well rested. We would get a MOTEL w/ a POOL & sometime a WHIRLPOOL and we would have a good time just relaxing. We would come back to the room that had a KING SIZE BED and just sit and talk about what we were going to do like that SUMMER for our GARDEN or just share BIBLE TIME. Then ... once we hit our 30th we decided to start doing our TRIPS 2 X's a YEAR ... once in the SPRING { is when our anniversary is } and then in the FALL of the YEAR so that we could get out and walk the trails and see the FALL COLORS !! I must tell you it has been so much fun to just get out and get away from it all.

    Even though our daughter is the ONLY ONE HOME and is 24 years old we know that the house is in good hands. So, we can trust here.

    So friends ... TRY IT SOMETIME !! And, see how well you feel after you have come home. But, be sure to pack some treats like: Sparkling Cider, Fruit, Bibles & if there is a POOL bring your bathing suits. Do your research before checking in an get a ROOM with a KING SIZE BED & see what they have to offer in the area that you can just get out and have some fun !!

    We are getting away this year ... here is a few weeks so I am excited about getting away !! So, try it some time !!

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