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  1. I haven’t been moved to post for a couple of weeks, and I would like to publicly praise God for all the things that have touched my thoughts.

    This time has been marked by many milestones in the lives of myself and those I am close to.

    My wife and I celebrated an anniversary (our 37th)

    A grand niece gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

    We had a wonderful family reunion.

    A nephew married a beautiful young bride.

    All these were wonderfully joyous occasions.

    On the harder side, two more members of our local ostomy support group passed. I can even praise and thank the Lord here for their lives and the time the spent among us.

    Today, as I went about my life, I came into contact with several old acquaintances from earlier volunteer activities, reminding me to their selfless and caring efforts to enrich the lives of others, or to simply and quietly lessen the burden on those in need. As they have given of their lives to aid the ill and the hungry, they have given me warmth and brotherhood and enriched my life as well.

    The Lord is with us through all moments.

    Both the notable and the unnoticed.

    The happy.

    The sad.

    The times we feel personal defeat.

    The times we see and feel the victory.

    And all the times in between.
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  2. Thank you for sharing. It's truly a testament of a peace filled life with the Lord. Amen :)

    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance
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  3. Beautiful..all moment,all things are worthy of praise . They don't always have to be supernatural and flamboyant show of God's goodness...its the little things that matter...

    Lil today, I was watching a documentary of these men who traveled to Guatemala and try to survive on a dollar a day like the inhabitants.... And some live without water,electricity,sleep on dirt floors...

    And they even had red patches over their bodies from fleas biting on them.

    It was a great doc. And it made thankful for just simple water,electricity and a bed. C:
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  4. PanCakes I agree with you on this. For me it is all the little things He does for me and helps me with or helps me in, that make me want to jump up and start shouten Glory To God !!
    Blessings my friend

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