Michael Jr on "Oversaved"

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Phil, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. some of that gave me a chuckle . trail mix . hehehe
  2. My favorite part was with the vacume cleaner at the end. Hope to see more skits from that guy.
  3. The guy is really funny .
  4. I know eh!? There are plenty more on youtube. He has his own channel in case you want more.
  5. I know ... A friend from FB sent me some of his stuff . He is really funny .
  6. hahahahaha....and the sad thing is, i know someone who's like that. like sometimes, i feel bad because i could just be talking and all of a sudden, he's preaching to me. and i'm like, "AHHHH, GET ME OUT OF HERE." i love Jesus, i really do. but yeah.
  7. There really needs to be more comedians like this. This is pure gold! Has anybody noticed that when you'd watch the comedy channel, all you get is vulgar and perverted humor? Can't even watch the comedy channel anymore...

    Oh and I just found out that this guy did a movie. He did some stand up comedy for prisoners and some other places. It's called; "Comedy... The Road Less Taken."
  8. Tim Hawkin's is really good! He is hilarious!
  9. I used to be excessively oversaved .

    but i don't mind laughing at myself from time to time . it's kinda fun .
  10. Yea, I remember those days of being oversaved.

    Sorry everyone.


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