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  1. Metagenics is GROWING AGAIN!! we have grown 18% every year for the last several years. Even in this recession the company has grown. God has blessed this company abundantly. I am glad to be a part of it, even tho all the head aches and bickering between coworkers and growth pains, I think it is worth it :) We even got raises 2 x this year and 2 last year and the year before that and so on ever since I been there. I think God is Truly taking care of me in this place. Thank YOU Jesus :) read the article from The News Tribune. It,s a big news paper company. Enjoy.

    ps. I'm going to Taiwan..........i'm going to Taiwan..........i'm going to Taiwaaaaaaannnnn!!

    Chili IS excited!
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  2. That's wonderful my MattyPoo..job betcha:)
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