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  1. Message from the staff

    Some recent posts have disrupted the friendly atmosphere of our community.

    This was permitted to go on for too long before decisive action was taken by the Forum Staff.

    We regret any hurt feelings and wish to assure all who post here that we will do our best to prevent any re-occurrence.

    We ask for your assistance. Report any posts which are offensive and let the Moderators handle it. Do not add to the problem by engaging in a debate.

    We ask for your prayers for this forum and for the Administrator, Moderators and Helpers.

    Please feel free to contact us. You may send a PM to the Moderator Team which all will see.

    Thank you.

    The Moderator Team
  2. I praise God for all my fellow moderators and the members.
    Thank you, Ban~
    I have been praying over this forum and thinking alot about things.
    I understand we each have our own views and beliefs and I myself understand the need to discuss certain topics and subjects.
    It is how we learn~
    However, we need to feel and keep the love of our savior within us in these discussions.
    I think it is possible to talk about any subject and still be thoughtful and courteous. None of agree on everything fully but let us think of our discussions in respect for Christ~
    God does not like confusion which is of the devil and he hates discord among his children.
    Let's try to respectully discuss and even diagree in a Christ-like manner.
    Love and blessings to all, Violet

  3. Joh 13:34 I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. As I have loved you, you should also love one another.
    Joh 13:35 By this all shall know that you are My disciples, if you have love toward one another.

  4. Friendly bump.
  5. Father, place your hand on the heart of this Ministry and bless all that you have put in place to watch over these forums. Give them the wisdom to gently remove any tares from among the wheat as not to disrupt the Harvest. I offer this up to you through the loving sacrifice of Christ Jesus. Amen!
  6. Praying , persecution leads to expansion.

    This site is growing for the glory of God.
  7. Yes, amen to blessings of disernment and wisdom from the Helper...Strength and tolerence of those new to the faith...
    Patience to those confused by mis-conceptions of the faith or by cults...

    And forgiveness to those in menapause, PMS, and pain-killers...

    ((( I just learned today that painkillers cause grumpiness, irritability, ect... Sure many here are on painkillers )))...
  8. You made me laugh but AMEN!!!
  9. Thank you, Banareth. I truly appreciate what you moderators do here, it can't be easy.
  10. Amen, and God bless...

    I was going to it one thing to ask a question because I'm a Christian and are genuinely interested in learning the truth...?


    Just want to start a debate among followers of Christ?

    I love this's like another home for me. I can come here and learn and share in my love for the Lord. But just seemed to be turning into a Christian Debate Forum.

    I'm glad we're steering back towards the main truth: That we all share a love for our Lord.:)
  11. This is a good topic. I moderate a Christian site that has seen it's share of debates, constructive and not. Some people just show up to cause trouble. They try to get a negative reaction out of the members so that the trouble maker can say, "see there, I knew they were fakes, Christianity is no different than other religions". If members and staff do what has been suggested here, then those willing to debate just to aggrivate others will change and in the end the negative debates will be silenced.
  12. I used to be one another Christian forum website and people just used to jump on each other really bad. And most of it was understandings. It was obvious that who ever was getting ugly had not read the original post correctly and no one ever put their foot down. Sometimes they were just down right name calling!

    So, I switched to here. I have to just show my appreciation to the moderators because it can't be easy and for keeping it a Godly place to chat.

  13. Anytime a subject that has proven to be highly debated and confrontational comes up, we monitor them VERY closely. But, we don't always act immediately because we do recognize that some subject, while controversial, are also part of our lives as Christians.

    If you are genuinely interested in learning the truth, you can post a carefully worded topic in the private discussion area. You will probably prompt one of us to restate that the topic is being closely watched, but we do genuinely look at each and every instance. So yes, there are times when a topic will be immediately discarded, while the same topic will be allowed until it turns into a debate, simply because of what we can discern about the motives of the poster.

    You aren't guaranteed to have a topic that never gets locked because everyone gets to participate. There are generally several warnings, one way or another, before a topic is closed.

    When in doubt, please feel free to contact the moderator team directly in PM if you have questions about how to present a topic.
  14. Report Post Reminder

    I'd also like to remind all of our members to REPORT CONFRONTATIONAL OR DEMEANING POSTS instead of 'mixing it up' with posters. The REPORT BUTTON is located just below the person's name in the small Trangular ICON.

    Use THAT Report feature to alert the Moderator Team as to your concerns. It serves no purpose to get into a harmful or degrading debate, when the staff could have taken care of things like this much earlier if you had reported it.

    Many thanks.
  15. Agreed!

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