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  1. so i am good person but i allot of times think bad things i don't wanna do this is this normal i fight my own mine to believe a good and bad person
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  2. You are speaking the about the battle with the flesh. This battle will increase the closer you draw to God. The Paul in Romans addresses this very issue. Romans 7 :15 addresses this.

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  3. If you are in a time of struggle; pray, if you think you are performing a sin; pray... not matter what you do in life you should pray to our Lord.
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  4. Hey glad you joined the club! You came to the right place. We all battle this. The good news is you ARE battling it! It's when we give up and give in we get in trouble.

    The REALLY Good News is that you will most likely loose this battle on your own: BUT; there is one in whom if you place your trust will guide you through this battle: His name is Jesus Christ-Son of the Living Eternal God of Creation!
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  5. patricia2626, I am much older than you and still struggle with this everyday. But you already know the best part of the answer to your question. You wrote the answer on your profile page: "God loves all." That includes you.

    Good thoughts, bad thoughts. God loves you still. Whatever you think in your mind, remember it's God's love in your heart. Always take action based on God's love. He loves you forever. Your strength is in this truth, "God loves all."
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