Men's Household Guide - Laundry!

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  1. Men's Household Guide - Laundry!

    All right, buddy, there's a subject we need to talk about!
    Hello, my name is Washing Machine and my friend is called the Dryer. Your wife asked us to talk to you since we've been complaining to her.
    Now, here's some of the basics. If you cannot follow them we will not wash your clothes - ever! Got that, brother?

    Okay. Here's the most important one!

    #1. Please do not overload me!

    #2. Use more than a teaspoon of laundry detergent!

    #3. Please separate clothes you know are prone to staining each other!

    #4. Please do not constantly open and close my door as if looking at the clothes washing speeds the process.
    It doesn't!

    #5. I do not wash rugs, cars, or dogs. Do not attempt to put Spot, the Toyota Camry, and a 1,000 year old Persian rug inside of my wash basin!

    #6. Please watch the bleach. Seriously. It eats up your clothes and turns everything white.

    #7. Do not expect the laundromat to be any better. In fact, those washers are worse - with attitude! You know why? 'Cause they're [SIZE=7]scam artists!

    #8. [SIZE=5]Do not leave clothes in the washer for two weeks. The dryer does not have arms, neither do I. Help us out a little.

    [SIZE=7]#9. [SIZE=5]I really hate it when you wait a month to wash. Please, when the basket is full - come downstairs, open up my lid, and put them in there!

    [SIZE=7]#10. [SIZE=5]And this is one thing too - it is best to leave the washing part to your wife unless you are really, really good at it and know what you're doing. Other than that, [SIZE=7]please keep a 20 foot distance away from me!

    [SIZE=5]With love and great cleaning,

    Your Washing Machine :)

  2. hey i take offence to that im a guy and i am perfectly capeable of doing laundry... lol
  3. Well, I've always been told that there is at least one exception to every rule.

    Okay, you're it . . .


  4. lol i can also cook, clean, sew, iron, do dishes...
  5. Woo Hoo!


    I am so very proud of you!

    You truly are one of a kind!

  6. I can do all of the above!! I mix all the laundry in 1 bunch. i dont use bleach, tide without bleach with color guard in COLD water, that way nuttin bleeds except me. I cook good n sew good and make my own fish nets, I am a HANDY MAN!! to extremes. the only thing is I dont got a washer or dryer. I beat them on a rock in the creek when the TIDE is high n dry them in the sun when the sun is out :D or i put them in the oven for 45 minutes at 200 degrees n im ready to go:cool::D

    Chili out
  7. Matt you would fit right in during the stone age, aaaaahhhhaha.:cool:
  8. This is washing machine again.
    Thank you for being one of the few, rare species of the male human whose DNA includes the laundry trait. You are a welcomed member of the community.

  9. Very funny.....LOL
  10. Washing Machine again -

    You are one lucky man. Lol.

  11. LOL! What a MAN!

    :D :D :D

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