Men's Cave

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Rumely, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Men's Cave

    So I was just wondering if the Men's Cave subforum is still a work in progress or if it has been shelved. If it's still in progress, any idea when it might be ready for occupation?
  2. Thanks for reminding me Rumely. I should have worked on it sometime ago. I'll try and work on it today and so we have our own private men's area. :)
  3. Yeah a mans' cave is a good thing. I'm in........................UGH!! hehehehe
  4. Ran into another cobweb, Chili? :D
  5. nope mam just a man thing. THING...UHG! heheheh

    I think women have tea parties. Men have UGH! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chili out
  6. LOL...random vocalizations.

    *You are mowing the lawn*

    *You are going through drive-thru*
    "Can I have a two piece and....UGH!"

  7. UPDATE:

    We are awaiting news on that new area. However, now that we have a better version of VBulletin running the CFS forum, the technical issues from before may be able to be resolved within the next month or so.
  8. This thread started off as a serious one, then it turned into just plain silly..what's with this??
  9. It's a man thing.
  10. Is that good or bad??
  11. it's a good thing for MEN. Kinda like "poker night" or " A River runs through it" or "Stand by me" movie. I love women but the cave is the cave. No women in mhop.
    Chili out.

    Who has got a rock n a knife n a spear? Chip?..................Jeff?................................... I got 5 lbs of dry Italian Salami!. 1 box of graham crackers, and 2 lbs of chocolate and a bag of lobster flavored marshmallows and 1 Hibachi to cook it all. i got 2 sleeping bags and a rain tarp. rain tarp comes with a soft pillow and hand and feet warmers from the last trip of backpackin. anybody else got something to add to the cave?

    Chili out
  12. Your guess is as good as mine heheheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  13. What's "mhop??"
  14. The Men's Cave will eventually have a format for secondary registration and access the same as the WWC area.

    At this time, there is a technical issue in setting up that secondary registration protocol and until such time as there is a Staff Announcement regarding the Men's Cave, that area is CLOSED to all posting.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
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