Mens cave and helper/mod promotions soon

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Mens cave and helper/mod promotions soon

    I was waiting on a better release of the new software. It may take another week or more so we'll set the mens cave and do the helper/mod promotions in the meantime. :party:

    I also got a helpdesk installed to help the team email communicate with members better.

    Hope you are all having a good week!! :smiley10:
  2. Okay I need to find someone who are lead the cave men. :smiley10:

    Like how we have Dusty and RevLynn for Women who care.
  3. Chilly, InHisLove and Rumely has been promoted. :)
  4. OK I'll do it.Thanks for the promo. if work wont give me a promo and a raise .........GOD will!!

    Chili out.
  5. Thanks Chilli. There's a bit of work for me to do before I can get back to the mens cave. I'll let you know. :)
  6. Jeff .... Just a reminder that Revlynn is not here much any more and she is not a staff member . so I am looking for some one else to come on board . I also am having a problem with the registration area as it does not work and just gives a out of service notice.
  7. I need to set usergroups properly on the new software. Some settings have not been imported from the old one because they worked differently. I'll fix it up. Been busy today.
  8. Yeah, I noticed a lot of members had tags that said "Women Who Care" but no male ones... Always wondered what the men cave thing was.
  9. I want "Cavemen who learn" for the cave tital. And this might be helpful, " Primal Night" it is a night where men can come together and just be wild and dump on each other and scream and holler and just totally Praise the Lord in our own way. Kinda like a ceremony in the jungle. I think that would bring a bondage to us men........I know it would. i have done it in real life where we slaughter a pig and stuff it with potatos n corn n onions and dance around the bon fire raising our hands in Glory to the Lord Jesus. it has been many years since I did that but it sure made a bondage with the group. I know we can't do that on line but we can get close :). How bout this Jeff. get that chat line up n runnin and make a private chat just for men and you can do the same for women. A very good thought to ponder my friend.

    Chili out

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