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  1. Menopause

    Hey, ya'll! This question is for the older women on this forum that are going thru or have been thru menopause.

    What do you do for hot flashes that doesnt involve hormone replacement therapy, soy products or anything chemical?
    I dont want to go to the doctor (no insurance, for one thing, another they'll put me on some kind of medication and I dont want that)
    I have been having more and more hot flashes lately, especially at night. I can deal with it, but it wakes up my husband everytime I throw off the covers or pull them back on. He says I play the "now I'm hot, now I'm not" game. And it is disturbing his sleep. Not having the night sweats, yet. But then, we keep the bedroom refrigerator temp all night anyway.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. So then, nobody on this forum is going thru this? Are you sure?
    Are you embarrassed? You can pm if you want.
    This is a normal part of growing up. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    I have been doing very well in controlling the mood swings (so far). Some days are more difficult than others. Some days I wish I could take back. But for the most part, not too bad! (hmm, maybe I should ask my family this question!ha!)
    The hot flashes have gone for now. They seem to come in waves. I'm in a 'trough' at the moment, I guess.

    sigh. ok.
    Moderators, feel free to close this thread. Its not going anywhere, it would seem.
  3. Hi Fluffy..
    Maybe some women are too embarrassed to admit it!!
    Here's what I do and I have no insurance either nor would I take hormone replacement therapy....(not good imo)
    I use a small fan at the foot of my bed.....hub doesn't mind cause it's pointed on me. I also keep a wet wash cloth on my night table....when a flash hits I place it on the back of my neck and on my temples. It does get better so hang in there! Sometimes when it gets really bad....I will go out on the porch for a few minutes....the cool night air helps.
    Hang in sis....this too shall pass!
  4. Please forgive male intrusion but my wife had great success drinking soy milk.
  5. Hey, thanks ya'll! I was beginning to wonder there!
    I've gotten better lately, thank You Lord! And my hubby keeps our bedroom like an icebox anyway. Ergo the "now I'm hot, now I'm not" game!
    I will take a look at these sites ya'll have given me.
    As for soy milk, I read an article where the soy you buy in stores has been chemically altered (even the 'natural' or 'organic' ones) and the chemicals can cause all kinds of problems. To get 'real organic' would be really expensive.

    Hot flashes are not all bad, though!
    One time, we went to a fundraiser bar-b-cue for another fire dept. It was fine until the sun went down, and I didnt bring a jacket! eep! It was cold! I huddled up to the back of a bus that was running and kept warm in the exhaust. That worked until they turned the bus off!
    Just when I was beginning to think I would have to go hide out in the bathroom a hot flash hit and aaaaah! The cold air felt good! Then it went away. BRRRRR! After awhile, it came again, aaaaah!

    One thing that is bothering me is my thinking has gotten foggy. I found out recently that that was a part of it. I dont like that. I'm already twitter-pated, dont need it to get worse! ha!
  6. I'm in menopause as well... But nothing I tried like lots of soymilk helped... I tried other over the counter med but nothing worked I was having 3 hot flashes an hour so I couldn't sleep... I don't think I have mood swings I'm so Sweeetttt:D However my husband says I do, and he gets scared and goes outside... Last year after years of this I finally got on premarin... My Pastor also suggested Black Cohash...

    Fluffy, for years I've had foggy brain... I am praying and learning to live with it though it really annoys some people:D
  7. Prempro

    I am now 59 and have been on Prempro since I started Menopause at 40. So, for 19 years now, I've been fine. No cancer and I am on the lowest does possible - 2.5 mg. I went off of it once when the scare went out. I was soooo miserable, I threatened the kids I'd "hang them up on the wall" if they misbehaved! It was not only my mood swings during that time, it was headachs from tense shoulders and night sweats besides soaking my shirts everyday.

    I finally could not take it anymore and found a Dr. who'd put me back on it. As for me? I'd rather not live with that misery and let be what will be than live the way I was living without my PREMPRO! It was not really living at all. If I have to get Cancer, so be it. I'll just be closer to my Heavenly Home. Sorry, but that's how I live. Dangerously and cool. :cool: :p
  8. I was given premarin 0.625 mg... My Dr. said to go as long as I can without it... Which was 5 days, so for now it looks likes I will only take 2 pills every 10 days... Because of the side effects heart disease, cancer and stokes? I want to take the least amount I can live with...
  9. Goodness! My symptoms have just been annoying! And right now, I'm symptom free, so I guess I am in the early stages of peri-menopause. I really dont like taking anything. I dont even take tylenol unless I just cant take the pain!
    I took birth control pills in the early part of my marriage. It changed my personality so bad, my husband begged me to get off of them! So I'm pretty leery of anything hormonal.
    I guess if it got as bad as Sweetsurrender's did, then I would consider it. I'm looking at changing my diet. (yuck) drinking more water (double yuck) and trying to get in some exercise (yeah, right).
  10. I know my grandmother had bad hot flashes when she went through menopause. I remember it because even when it was 60-70 degrees out she'd have to have the fan blowing or some kind of cool air going!
  11. I raised 5 children. I was pretty busy, folks. If I had hot flashes, or other symptoms, I don't know. I had so many headaches, stomach aches, etc. Perhaps I was blessed to not have the hot flashes. But then, I was always so cold natured that a hot flash may have felt normal to me. :D Anyway, when I was about 45 my doctor put me on hormone replacement for other reasons. It was also suppose to: be good for my heart (I had symptoms and family history of HD), be good for the bones, be good for the skin, be good for the hair. He didn't say, but I guess be good for all "what ails" you. I took it 20 years and the scare came along. So I stopped. No issues with stopping. They did say it didn't really help with an edge on heart disease as previously thought.

    So my take on hormone replacement...... if that is all that will help your symptoms, take it but only for as long as you absolutely need it. Otherwise, treat it with natural means and there have been a couple great links in the thread. Also, avoid sugar as much as possible - generates heat :(.
  12. Myself, I am sorry that I can offer no helpful advice,...

    But I do wonder why they call it "MEN opause"?
  13. Maybe because you can't have children after menopause. :D
  14. [​IMG]OH, that was cute!
    I think its because we give "men" "pause" because of the mood swings! ha! "Pause before you make that statement!"
    I know thats not the real reason, but it is funny! hee!
  15. I am 48 and have not started menopause, yet.

    I have a plan and am looking forward to it.

    I am going to get it over quickly and easily. :)

    That's my plan! :D

    Besides, my mother told me the women on her side of the family don't go thru menopause. :dance:

    Of course, I am concerned that senility hits at a young age among the women in our family. :crying_anim:Maybe we go thru it and just don't remember.

    I try to look on the bright side and think positive....

    Good luck and may your torment end soon. :groupray:


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