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  1. Hi everyone,

    What would you say are way's a man can show his love. If I were to make a video, what would be the clips you'd put in it?

    NOTE: Think in every area, like, as a father, as a husband, as a good employee, etc.

  2. It could even be like older brother, son, etc.

    Some of the things I thought was

    - Older Brother teaching Younger Brother how to throw a football
    - Father working on the car, showing his son what the different elements of the engine were
    - Husband washing dishes with his wife

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  3. Hi bud

    Love = self sacrifice

    Time is probably our most valuable gift apart from literally laying down our life. Your examples are good as they show the time sacrifice. I would add things like spending time in prayer with your family. Reading to your children. Date night with your spouse.

    Washing dishes? buy a dish washer. Unless you and your wife have meaningful conversation during that time :). Time is precious, it must not be wasted.
  4. A wife wants to feel safe and protected around her husband. It is on the the biggest ways she feels comfortable around you. Try to display protection in some way.
  5. I like doing little things when no ones looking. Like fixing something that's annoying. A kitchen drawer that sticks, a car sunvisor that's frustrating to operate, etc. Then see if it gets noticed. If it gets noticed, and I get asked about it, sometimes I'll act like I don't know anything about it.

    Little notes hidden for people to find. It helps if the note is funny and ends with 'I love you'.

    Or sticking some money unnoticed where a person in need will find it.

    Here's a good one. Mow your elderly neighbors lawn when they are gone to the Dr., or shopping, and do a really nice job. Try not to let them know you did it. It's what I call 'covert acts of kindness'.
  6. I've been married for about 8 years now and in the beginning I thought self sacrifice was things like buying her nice things, fixing things around the house, doing chores for her, ect. But being the introvert that I am, what she felt was self-sacrifice was the times I put my personality side and spent intimate close time with her. Things like watching a movie with her on the couch or sitting behind her in her big chair in front of her computer, or public expressions of emotion that she knows totally makes me uncomfortable but I do nonetheless.
  7. She wants to be pampered, She wants to feel pretty...tell her she is. Complement her on things she does. She knows you love her, but does she know that you like her? Tell her. it will throw her for a loop of another color :) lol good of course. These are some of my things I do. OOOOOO a flower a single flower. It don't matter what kind as long as it aint a weed flower hehehe

    Chili out.

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