Men and Women in heaven.

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Ramsey, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Men and Women in heaven.

    So Jesus said that us, His children, we'll be "like" angels in Heaven.
    Like angels as in similar to them but not angels.

    So angels are men, all of them, right?
    As humans, we have both male and female.

    brace yourselves :p

    since we'll be like angels, are women going to transform into men :p ?

    And we'll all be men :p? or similar to "men" since all angels are a type of "male"

    I wouldn't like it lol but just asking.

    God bless =)
  2. We know for sure they have no need for sex (reproduction) as they are niether married or given in marriage but we will be known even as we are known - we will be recognizable.:) The rest may be guess work.
  3. That's very true. Which is why also I ask this question, because we will not reproduce..

    You know what other question I have?
    it's about babies who died at a young age...
    They'll be with Jesus yes but... do they grow up??
    I doubt they'll stay babies.. this is really strange, I don't think anyone can answer.
  4. We'll have the appearance of men/women, but we won't be differenciated by gender...I thinks. :D And, we won't be able to reproduce, so no marriage in Heaven.

    I don't know about the young children one. Maybe they have grown up. I'm not sure. I haven't seen it. But I'm sure I day. :)
  5. I've always wondered that too. I read 90 Minutes in Heaven and when the guy got to heaven he saw people who died in his lifetime, but he specifically pointed out that he saw them as he remembered them. So how do other people see them? lol. Tis a mystery...
  6. I don't believe in people going to heaven with their spirit temporarily. I've heard many stories, and they were in contradiction with scripture.
  7. I don't think there will be "babies" in heaven. The spirit does not have age - it is immortal.

    Scriptures say we will be given new bodies, but doesn't really state what those bodies will be like.

    And yes, we will recognize each other - even people we never met on Earth.
  8. Well, yes, Jesus declared we do er, for man shall be as the Angels are. But, Angels are male and female too. Job 1:6, 2:1, 38:7. Then you have the male Angels that appeared to Abraham, to Lot. And the men of Sodom and Gomorah who came to Lot, wanting to perform homosexual acts with those "men"-(male Angels).

    God also speaks of His Saints as "adopted Son's and Daughters" in Christ. And God speaks of a "Bride" and "BrideGroom", which refers to gender.

    In Job 38:7, theres a clear distiction between male and female Angels. God was not speaking of planets when states "stars of Heaven sang". Read Rev. 1:16, 20.

    People have tried to claim Angels were of no sexual preference. Thats a lie. Scriptures clearly show many of them appeared as male or female. You just have to read those visits and pay attention to thier descriptions.

    Second- "I don't believe in people going to Heaven with thier spirit temporarily." They do. Then come back later, during the Rapture, to be rejoined with thier physical bodies. Why?

    Scriptures declare, the dead in Christ shall rise first, then those who are alive, shall be caught up together with them, and so shall we be with the Lord forever.

    Also- Scripture declares Jesus is the "first fruits", of the ressurrection, and every man after him, according to his order.

    When Christ was raised from the dead, His spirit came up from Hell, His physical body was raised up and perfected and Glorified. His Spirit was rejoined to that body. He then ascended to Heaven after His visits to the Apostles.

    But, Scriptures declare, when a child of God dies, thier body lies asleep in the ground, but- "to be absent from the body, and present with the Lord." That means, the phys. body is left behind first. But, later, for those who already died, thier spirits come back with Christ at the Rapture, to be rejoined with thier raiised up, perfected and glorified bodies- sinuin flesh comes upon them- (see vision of Ezekiel of dry bones).

    Scriptures also tell us, that at the Rapture, sinful takes on sinlessness. Corruption takes on incorruption, imperfection takes on pefection. This has to be the physical body, because the spirit is already cleansed and changed at phys. death, or it could not go to be in the presence of God at death.

    The physical body is left behind because it does not recieve that transformation right away.

    Remember the story of the Richman and Lazarus? Notice how the Saints of God went to a compartment too, seperate from Heaven but not in Hell. Why? Because, no suitable sacrifice had been applied to take away sin. Animal sacrifice of Old Test. times only "covered", not "took away" sins- (see animal sacrifices God made for Adam and Eve to "cover" them.)

    As such, Old Test Saints' Spirits, could not go strait to Heaven at phys. death. They had to wait until Christ's sacrifice was complete and raised from the dead to overcome death by sin, taken to Heaven, before they could go- (Christ first fruits).

    So, Scriptures clearly do show these things are true and those who believe otherwise are mislead by false doctrinal teachings.

    Teachings of God extend further than just from words spoken by God, but also thru particular people, events of thier lives, cultural related situations and interactions with Angels and or other people, as well as attitudes or ways they percieved what witnessed and more.

    Much of the time, explanations of Scriptures come from those who pick and choose only one or two specific Scriptures to share. This is why I share several, to even more Scriptural references to prove a Concept of God.

    But, sometimes it can depend on how people percieve what Scripture says, by some form of interpretation. But, God declares we are to take His Word, precept upon precept, line upon line. Repeating it a second time, for us to realize we are to take His Word as literally written for what It means. Not to take His word any other way, unless He provides another understanding for it. Here are some examples-

    Ezekiel is given that vision of the Valley of Dry Bones. After God shows him this, He- (God), provides the interpretation for it. Same with the Rev. 1 example I shared, giving the interpretation in later Scriptures shortly after it.

    2- Jesus declares- "I Am the door, by Me, if any man enters in, he shall be saved."

    Realize, this is symbolic language. Jesus stood before people as a physical man. Yet He states that. Thus, He was showing a symbolic message, that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    3- "Its easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter Heaven."-

    This is figurative. This is showing the difficulty of someone who is infatuated with gaining earthly treasures, how hard it will be for them to let them go and put God first.

    I pray this helps.

    God Bless!!
  9. That's great brother!
    but if you read correctly and in the context of what IheartLarry and I were talking about, I was talking about the ones which are alive now on earth going to heaven temporarily and writing books afterward =)

    now please I would like you to expand a bit more, where do you see that angels are also females in the scripture that you posted ?
    All I can read is the sons of God. Sons means males no ?, you distinguished also by saying this
    "adopted Son's and Daughters"

    If there's another verse that points out a female angel then that's great, but the ones you showed doesn't. Unless I misunderstand?

    God bless !
  10. I too would like to see evidence of female angels I have posted a few questions here not to argue but I am simply trying to figure who you came to those conclusions

    Thanks for you time CC.
  11. I agree with Bo.

    I do not recall a verse referring to angels as female.

    But, the star thing is found in Genesis. I, also, believe this refers to angels.

    Gen 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years
    15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth:
    16 And God made two great lights

    These verses speak of the heavenly bodies we call stars, the sun and the moon.

    Gen 1:16b [he made] the stars also.

    I believe this speaks of angels. Why tell us He created the stars (calling them lights) as lights and signs, and then repeat that he made the stars (this time calling them stars)?

    But I can't prove it. It just makes sense to me.

    Back to the topic....

    Angels are referred to in the male gender. That doesn't necessarily mean they are "male" as human beings are male and female. Furthermore, the Bible says we will be "like the angels" - not that we will become angels. Scriptures referred to redeemed humans as saints. We will be like angels, but not angels.

    Scriptures also say we will be given new bodies, not that we will have our current bodies restored as Jesus did.

  12. Ginger

    You said:
    "But, the star thing is found in Genesis. I, also, believe this refers to angels."

    When the verse clearly states that it's talking about the atmosphere, when it's winter, or summer, or fall, or spring, light from the sun, light from the moon. light from stars. may I ask how you perceive that as angels? do angels give us the capability to discern between seasons and days and years?

    Some times He states that the stars are indeed angels, there's no mistake there. But sometimes He's talking about simple stars, such as our "sun".
  13. It clearly states that the "lights" are what we call stars, the sun, and moon.

    But later it says God "also made the stars"

    It seems clear to me the lights are what we call stars and the word translated as "stars" is referring to something else.

    I'll look it up....
  14. Light to rule the day, that would be the sun no? and the night, the moon correct?

    Wait before we misunderstand one another. Do you mean stars as stars? or stars as angels Ginger?
  15. "lights" [SIZE=-1]ma'owr[/SIZE] mean: light, luminary

    "star" [SIZE=-1]kowkab [/SIZE]meaning: of Messiah, brothers, youth, numerous progeny, personification, God's omniscience (fig.)

    It's a different word used for the lights in the firmament and the "stars" God made
  16. Exactly.

    I mean that the word translated "stars" is not referring to the same thing as the word translated "lights"
  17. So the end of verse 1:16. He made the "stars" too is angels? or something else. but the ones before He's talking about the sun and moon ?
  18. ahhh now I understand you. yay :) thanks sis, this discussion has made me learn something new. I love discussions :D
  19. "or something else"


    I am speculating, of course, as it is not spelled out for us. But the words are different and it seems odd to say He made the stars right after He just told us He made the stars.

  20. Do not forget the planets. If you did not have all the interference from the electric lights we have nowadays the would be almost as bright as the moon. Or at least that is what the guy at the planetarium told me.
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