men and God

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  1. men and God

    men can bring people back from can accend up to can throw bread from can make virgin can cure can do all these things,but when you mention God doing these things some people won,t believe.?we are made in Gods image,we do what God does.
  2. I think you would agree that men can do nothing without God.
    We cannot even draw a breath if it is not Gods will.

    One of the best examples of that I can think of is gardening.
    I can till the soil, bury the seeds, water the ground, heck, I can even produce artificial sunlight if I have too....

    But I can't make it grow. :confused:

    What was the original sin??
    Satan said; "You will be like God!"
    That temptation is still in our nature. We are born with it. :(
    Gods richest blessings arent enough for some people, some people love this world so much that they want the blessings AND the credit too.

    Well, the praise and the glory belong to God alone, but the last day is coming, and each one of is going to stand before God, some will receive their heavenly reward, and to some He will say, you have already received it.

    Matthew 6
  3. amen!!!!!!!

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