Megachurch Pastor John Macarthur: Denominations That Allow Gay 'marriage' Are 'satan's Church

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Do you believe John MacArthur is correct?

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  1. YES! Churches that celebrate what God condemns as an immoral sin are apostate! And wrong!

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  2. NO! Jesus told us to love our neighbor. How can we refuse to celebrate love?

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  3. I have a different opinion that is more than a simple yes or no answer. (Please elaborate in a post)

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  1. Megachurch Pastor John MacArthur: Denominations That Allow Gay 'Marriage' Are 'Satan's Church'
    By Kirsten Andersen/ Life Site News On July 16, 2014

    In the wake of the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s recent decision to celebrate same-sex "marriages," celebrity pastor John MacArthur of "Grace to You" has come out with some strong statements condemning "false churches" that abandon Biblical teachings against homosexual behavior.

    "They have no allegiance to the Bible," MacArthur told The Blaze online news service. "You go back to every one of those seminaries ... for a century [they] have been deniers of biblical authority, they have no relationship to scripture, they are the apostate church, they are Satan's church." (Full Article)
  2. Well this guy is often wrong, but it seems he is right on, on this issue.
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  3. I agree. Seems that we as Christians keep on giving up ground and allowing Satan to take a foot hold in our society. We need to start understanding this is a spiritual fight and at times it seems satan is the only one who understands this
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  4. Absolutely.
    Ten years ago it would have never crossed anyone's mind in these churches that are so readily voting to turn apostate today.

    It's amazing how quickly the churches in America are falling onto the pathway of the enemy. And just because they want to be PC, not charged as bigots by those who are damned as unrepentant prideful immoral sexual sinners.

    God have mercy. [​IMG]
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  5. For a megachurch pastor, Macarthur has remained surprisingly substantive and Baptist.

    There is gray area between good and apostate churches. There are practices and beliefs I don't like in some non-apostate churches. But, blessing that which God clearly calls a sin and giving approval to what is immoral, goes beyond any gray area. If the presbyteries of PCUSA don't oppose the latest evil from their leaders, PCUSA is apostate.
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  6. Amen!
    The church leadership may be surprised by the number of faithful that make their exodus from such satanic institutions.

    Here's a troubling list that shows apostasy is like a virus at this point.

    Which Churches Allow Gay Marriage?
  7. ''NO! Jesus told us to love our neighbor. How can we refuse to celebrate love?''

  8. I do hope you all realise that The Church has no power of marriage until the Middle Ages?

    Back then people just shacked up and made a pact with God alone.

    The Churches have a vested interest in these rituals as it makes a huge amount of money.

    So they wish to hold dominion over something so they can monetise it.

    This has nothing really to do with society, it has everything to do with another form of selling sacrifices at the temple and indulgences.

    Same goes with funerals and baptisms.
  9. I know. I had to add an option to the poll for those who believe contrary to scripture.
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  10. Jesus told us to hate our families. Don't forget to celebrate hate.
  11. You're missing the sarcasm tags.
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  12. I am confused on your 'hate families'. Would you respect your parents if they unsaved? and visit the family you hate? Don't you mean hate 'sin'?
  13. Just for those who misunderstand scripture that you are referring to there: Jesus was saying that we need to love God over and above all, so that the love we have for family is more like hate by comparison. Luke 14:26
  14. Ah another contextual error.

    OK I get it.
  15. My bad.
  16. No Prob, I miss them too and people think I'm siding with them.
  17. What is the "power of marriage"? Marriage covenants have existed since the beginning. The Church really has no powers concerning the marriage union, and never did.
  18. Hate is one of those words that gets confused in translation. It would be contrary to Jesus' nature to say we must embody hate for our God given families in order to prove we love the God that is love itself.

  19. Marriage is part of Bible scripture. The church has the authority to preside and commit the marriage ceremony before God as a holy covenant between one man and one woman. Always has.

    The civil union contract, issued by the states, is a secular contract. One that affords all the rights and privileges outlined in the contract between the state and the federal government. Those contracts , initiated by application for a marriage license, that can be refused on grounds, by the state can be officiated by anyone who is licensed or recognized by that issuing state.
  20. No, Jesus told us to hate our families or you can't be His disciple. He didn't say anything about their sins. There are many verses in the Bible telling us that we should, or that God does, hate certain people and certain kinds of people. There are no verses that teach the contrary, dishonest interpretation aside.

    I point out what Jesus said as a rebuttal to those who lie and say God loves everyone, and that we should love everyone. (BTW, I've never known anyone who loves everyone. Why are people with bad doctrine always hypocrites?)
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