Meat Recalled, Everyone Read!

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  1. Meat Recalled, Everyone Read!

    Particularly in Canada.

    The numbers of people affected according to what I hear is just from people I know and may not be accurate, I hear so many different stories it's rediculous.

    I don't have a link or anything for you right now, and I'm surprised it's not posted already - Unless I missed it - But you may have heard that a bunch of meat has been recalled because it came from the factory where Listeria has been found. Accurate or not, I've heard that 16 or so people have died and about as many are in critical condition. My dad's friend Kalvin ate some of the recalled meat just before the recall, and his face was a bit discolored. So him and his family are scared for his life. He came to my work (Superstore) to tell them, and we've been working extra hard to make sure we're not selling any of the meat that came from that factory in Toronto. We have to check all our orders before the departments take them. There was some still on the shelf today that we pulled off! :eek: Cashiers and everyone know as well, and will not let any of it through should they come accross it.

    On the package of the meat it should have an EST code. If it says EST97B that came from the factory and may be bad. It's not just lunchmeat, it's kubasa, bacon, all kinds of stuff. Many thought it was just Maple Leaf and Scheider's meats (I think ML owns Scneiders), but there were at least a few others as well, so it's not just those two.

    This is serious, people are dying and getting sick. Do check your meat for this code. Not to cause panic, but I don't want people, perhaps people who don't read the news paper or watch TV, to go and eat recalled meat.

    The Listeriosis has flu-like symptoms, and is most likely to affect and more severely affect the elderly, or the very young, or anyone with a weak immune system, or pregnant women. It usually shows side affects within 2-30 days, but can take up to 90 days.

    I have no idea whether this is a problem in the US or not, but I was told the plant was in Toronto, but they can't even be sure if it originated there. I read in the paper that we were even warned about the danger of this back in 2002. If you have concerns you might try calling Maple Leaf themselves.

    Please pray for all affected and their families. Please pray for protection over us all and that it doesn't get worse.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Mark!
  3. Turns out the #35 I mentioned was a misunderstanding, a manager was just using an example. 97B is the number.
  4. That's why we should cook everything well done. (My usual sermon around my house) There isn't any bacteria that I know of that can survive past 265 degrees F. Listeria is inactivated at about 170 degrees F.

    If your steaks are cooked well done - you can enjoy them Listeria or not. Cooked bacteria is just more protein.

    Larry II
  5. Alot of it was precooked sandwich meat though, nobody cooks that. Well, not nobody...
  6. This is why me and my grandmother mostly buy CERTIFIED organic meats (taste better, too ;)) or buy them at Costco (where they have only Costco meats, not stuff shipped from factories).

    I agree with Jasher, though, that any meat should be thoroughly cooked. I personally detest pink meat, and if anyone gives me pink meat I turn it back and get it done all the way through.

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