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  1. 1) Back when I was tight with God, after I prayed and stuff Id go back to sleep bc I'd wake up around 5am.

    2) Fav summer drink is water...or rootbeer, the taste of rootbeer always reminds me of summer.

    3) my fav time of the year is summer, I love when its warm outside, when colorful flowers bloom, ladybugs and other insects whiz by while fireflies light the night .

    My favorite bible character would have to Leah, Hagar is a close second. I like Leah bc she's normal..she not very pretty, her husband didn't really love her and she was a literal sister wife...
    Yet despite being the underdog... the messiah came out of her lineage. She didn't have faith that parted seas, nor was she singled out by God.. but he still noticed her anyway.
    Gay, sorry abt the rest..I might answer those later.

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  2. I can wait! :)

    I am concerned about this, however: "1) Back when I was tight with God," What happened, my friend? Why are you not tight with Him? What can you do to get tight with Him again?
  3. After I awake, read, pray, and wash, the next thing I do is: get dressed and go to work
    My favorite cold drink in the summer is Tea
    My favorite time of the year is In Ohio it was summer in Florida I don't have a preference
    My most favorite vacation I have taken in my life was Columbia, SC 2009
    My favorite movie genre is SciFi
    My favorite book, other than the Bible or in the Bible, is The Once and Future King by T.H. White
    My favorite hobbies are target shooting, reading
    After work, I like to relax and do nothing for a bit
    It drives me Absolutely Nuts when someone does this: when I'm trying to change lanes and someone passes me
    just to get in front of me when I was getting out of their
    way to begin with
    If I chose a special meal for someone to serve me on my special day, it would be Sheppard's pie and parliament soup

    My favorite zoo animal is Lion
    My favorite animal to interact with is Dogs
    I would rather be (chose one) at the ocean/in the forest/in the woods/on a farm/in my home Home
    My favorite shoes are shoes are shoes
    My favorite fruit is bananas
    My favorite vegetable is (raw, or how is it cooked?) cooked carrots
    For my next vehicle, I hope to buy a _________ (and give the color!) A black Jeep Wrangler
    The first letter I ever wrote was to Some letter they made us write in elementary school
    My favorite cold winter night is spent doing this Drinking something hot and snuggling up to my wife
    I love/hate freckles they just are I have no opinion about therm
    When I was 15, my hair color was brown
    My favorite of these is bagels/hot biscuits/popovers/dinner rolls/English muffins/fresh slice of bread Biscuits

    My favorite created character Moses

    My favorite psalm is 121
    My favorite book of the Bible is Revelations
    The think I most look forward to at my place of worship is Hearing the word
    My way(s) of ministering within my place of worship is(are) Still working on that
    My favorite way(s) of ministering outside my home and place of worship is(are) My wife and I seem to take in
    wayward teens from time to time

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