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  1. Thank you for pointing our where to look these up! VERY interesting!
  2. I can't really -- I mean REALLY -- play anything well. You are very fortunate!
  3. If your interested, I'll try to post the recipes my mother uses for the squashes?

    Nor can I well! I could sort of hold my own in something like an Irish session environment where everyone is playing together and everyone pulls each other along but I'm more of a "second fiddle" type and no soloist.

    I've had a funny relationship with music over the years. At one point I suppose I sort of let it become a sort of god. Then I had my breakdown and for reasons I won't go into in this thread felt "fool and the sand" sort of thing about it and in a lot of what I was doing was sort of going through the motions with it. Then over time sort of more and more became persuaded that my ability to play music is a gift from God. I still don't know how I'd apply my mostly playing and thinking in terms of single note folk dance music to church music though.

    My mother is quite a different type of player to me btw. Unlike me, she is a sight reader and could (a shoulder dislocation a few years back limits her a bit but she still does play) rattle through Hymns Ancient and Modern, a Sankey and Moody book, etc. on piano but she can't do the informal tunes without music things I do.
  4. Would you really? Would you put it here publicly, so that everyone can have a chance to try it? I think this is a great opportunity, because in the States, they put artificial colorings in EVERYTHING, and this could be a healthier product for everyone. Thank you so much!

    SOunds fabulous to me . . . .
  5. I'll ask her for them tomorrow. I'm not sure how they work out health wise as a lot of sugar goes into a syrup but no artificial colours (which many products in the UK would also have), yes and worth a try, I think so.

    If I was to try to compare the blackcurrant one my mother does to Ribena (our best known brand), the selling point to me is in the taste. I like them both but to me, hers has (not that I really like them raw) more of that sort of just picked from the bush taste about it than the commercial brand - sort of more "real blackcurrant tasting" if that makes any sense.
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  6. Thank you! I look forward to this!
  7. The recipies are in imperial measurements but I think it will be OK if I give the liquid measures in fluid ounces.

    Blackcurrant cordial

    2lb blackcurrants
    20 fl oz water

    Prepare the fruit. Strip fruit off stalks
    Place in a large bowl and mash well
    Add the water
    Cover container with a clean cloth and secure with string
    Leave covered for 2-3 days in a cool dark place
    Tip the contents in to a large saucepan, heat it up and squash the fruit to release the juice
    Strain through a jelly bag over night
    Measure the volume of liquid.
    Add 12oz of sugar per 20 fl oz liquid
    Heat very gently to ensure that the sugar is dissolved
    Pour the liquid into clean dry bottles filling to 1/2 inch below the stopper

    Elderflower cordial

    10 large fresh elder flower heads
    3 lemons (sliced)
    50 fl oz boiling water
    3 oz citric acid
    3lbs sugar

    Dissolve the sugar in the boiling water
    Add the other ingredients, stirring well
    Cover and leave for 5 days, stir once a day
    Strain into bottles.

    Both of these drinks are to be diluted with water according to ones taste. At a guess, I'd suggest somewhere between 1 part cordial to 4-6 parts water.

    Once cool, we store our own bottles of cordial in a freezer.
  8. Oh, I need to find out if I can pull this off in America! I want to try it.

    Please pardon my ignorance, however. Question. I have an illness that does not allow me to have any alcohol. This sounds like it will ferment. Does it end up fermenting -- having alcohol in it?
  9. Interesting question. My mother says she has never seen any signs of fermentation starting. She drinks these herself and she would not want them to be alcoholic.
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  10. Thank you!!
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  12. How lovely!
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  13. Your post was so much fun to read through! My computer seems to be murdering it, Tlims, so I am going to get back to it tomorrow. You are a delight! :D
  14. Shucks! Glad you liked it.
  15. TezriLi I thought it was bible character, not created! :p LOL. I would say all in the bible. I don't know what you mean by favorite though.
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  16. Okay, I'm going to give these recipes to my daughter and have her make them. Not sure where to get the Elderflowers, though. And what's an imperial measurement?
  17. Imperial measurement is the system of measurement that was used within what was the British Empire. It has largely been replaced by the metric system although in the UK both systems are in use for certain things. It is similar to the US system but there can be differences in the amount of something even though the name is the same. I don't know how many differences there are but I do know you need to watch liquid measures.

    1 Imperial pint = 1.2 US pint and there are 20 fluid ounces to an Imperial pint rather than 16.

    I don't know where one would buy elderflower in the UK even. To me, it (and the elder berries later in the year which may be made into a wine) something you forage although we have plenty of it very close to our house.
  18. Well, I figured out how to answer you, but in doing so, I lost all your wonderful colors! :(

    Seriously! And Solomon agrees! :D

    When my present husband and I were engaged, he wanted me to read a book that took place on the Rogue River. He knew I didn't care for westerns, but he thought I would like it. Well, I was all set up NOT to like it, but I did! I really don't remember the book anymore, but it was by an author who was very popular and had written prolifically.

    Fantastic! I am imagining!


    There's always a second chance! I was so imperfect also. I've learned far more looking back. :)

    My favorite hangout: Patrick's Point, far northern California. The greatest possible mix of the forest and ocean!

    Please tell me he came home. My first husband was drafted for Vietnam and ended up in a finance office, never leaving the States; my second husband was a machine gunner there and came home with a broken back.

    You're blessed!

    I understand! Very well! One time, I showed up at shul dressed up like Charlie Chaplin sans mustache! I loved seeing the smiles and joining in the laughs!
  19. Fun replies to my replies, there tezriLi! I will go down through the list and make a brilliant response to as many as I think you'd enjoy having a response to!

    1. Well, ol' Sol gave it a good try! Still lost out to the lilies of the field. Ah well, tis as it should be.
    2. Very open-minded of you to read a western. Probably by Louis L'Amour - or maybe Zane Grey -
    3. The rule setting thingy... yeah, hind sight is always 20-20. Keeps me on my knees, though.
    4. Patrick's Point, isn't that near Eureka? I lived in Brookings, Oregon for about a year. 1974. Pretty Redwoods near there, right?
    5. I am very sorry to hear that your second husband was injured in the Vietnam war - such a long and terrible ordeal for our generation. Yes, John came back from Vietnam. He was a Lt. Commander. Don't know if you've heard of OMSI ( up in Portland, Oregon or not, but he served on the submarine that is on display there: the USS Blueback. Tough duty as he was submerged for about 3 months and is 6'8" tall. I have four other brothers who were in the navy at the same time. I think all did sub duty. All returned home. I am the 7th of 9 children - IF you're a Star Trek Voyager fan, you know that's a Borg designation, so watch it... ;)
    6. Psalm 111 - Yes, I am blessed. Kind of a long story behind it, don't want to go into it all, but, suffice it to say that I prayed, super seriously about having children. I opened my bible and that was the first passage I found. I knew then it was going to happen. 17 years after we were married, we had our first child.
    7. Charlie Chaplin, eh? There has to be a back story on that one!
    1. Hee-hee-hee! That's it! One of them

    2. . . . for me, with the grandchildren. . . .
    3. YES!! Love that place.
    4. Not a good trekky. :) Wow, tall! And I am the youngest of 5. Thought that was a lot!
    5. The only story is that while I was losing weight, I realized that I had collected clothing over time that would make a perfect Charlie Chaplin outfit. One Sabbath, I put it on and went to shul, and we laughed all day! :D

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