May Giveaway - Bible Media Suite - Win the #1 Best Selling Audio Bible Narration

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Jeffin, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. May Giveaway - Bible Media Suite - Win the #1 Best Selling Audio Bible Narration

    Our christian promoter for the month of May is Bible Media Suite.

    Contest open to US and International members.

    [​IMG] About the Gift


    Narrated by Alexander Scourby, The Voice of the Bible #1 Best Selling Audio Bible Narration in the World!
    Listen Anytime, Anywhere in any Format!
    Listen on any CD player, Television w/DVD, MP3 player, Mobile DVD system, Portable DVD player, Computer, PDA with mp3 & other playback devices.

    [​IMG] How to Win:

    Visit the website of the Bible Media Suite and reply to this thread with your opinions or suggestions or positive feedback. You can submit any number of replies. At the end of this contest, either the company or the Christian Forum Site moderator team will select the best reply out of this thread and he/she will be sent this gift TOTALLY free of charge. In case, of two or more best replies, the winner will be chosen at random. So let the contest begin! :D

    Contest Begins: 22 April 2007
    Contest Ends: 31 May 2007

    Click here: Read terms and conditions

    [​IMG] Company Contact Details:

    USA Toll Free Order Line: 1-800-978-0925
    International Order Line: +1-724-498-4007

    Bible Media Suite
    2575 Campus Dr. Suite 449
    Klamath Falls, OR 97601


    [​IMG] Promoter's CFS profile details:

    Username: ---
  2. The winner is.....


    Congratulations Violet. You've just won the Bible Media Suite. :dance::bow::jesus-cross::crying_anim::glasses::blink::guitar:

    Also thanks to everyone else for their participation. :D
  3. I think the Bible Media Suite will be a great collection for those who travel frequently by car etc. You don't waste time listening to unwanted music or radio stations. It'll also be an ideal gift to give to your loved ones or to the new believer at your church or even to your kids. 81 cds :eek: thats so much to listen too. Buy a good cd carry case and take them wherever you want. :D
  4. That's some serious incentive to come up with something creative!!!:D
  5. I enjoyed looking at "The Ultimate Bible Media Suite" site.
    I am very pleased that the online Bible they provide is the King James Version.
    I don't know that I have ever heard Alexander Scourby but I read and enjoyed his biography and can't imagine a better person to narrate God's word.
    I personally would be so pleased to own this suite as I see it as a good tool in home schooling as well as for my and my husband's personal use.
  6. I would be pleased to own the Bible Media Suite
    To be used as a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet
    As a tool that will so wonderfully spread the Word
    So that the Blessings of Jesus can be heard
    It should be all of our prayers that our story
    May be used to show the world God's Grace and Glory.

  7. Contest closing soon. :D
  8. Hi, I went to the site and thought I'd share my feedback.......

    I think including the CD carry case is a wonderful idea!

    Speaking from experience.......A few years back I purchased a Bible on CD which didn't come with a case, it came with cardboard foldable sleeves, arranged in order. First, I thought....oh how nice and organized, and what neat little packages. But then I found that they were often to large to fit in the glovebox, to large to fit in the CD Stands, and ended up scattered around.

    Of course I could have gone to the store and bought a case, but by the time I realized I needed to, my children (3,1 yrs) had scattered them around, and ripped the foldable cases up, and I sort of lost interest in the whole idea if it was going to be this much work!

    Which is another feedback I have, great that it is provided in many formats! Though I didn't see a picture of a cell phone on your homepage....I have an MP3 on my cell phone, will I be able to listen with it? (I am not that tech savvy, I know it says MP3 on your site but Since I didn't see a picture of the cell phone.....It makes me wonder!)

    Also, one question I couldn't find the answer to.....Are there sound effects? Like when he reads "people shouted" will there be people in the backgroung shouting? Just wondering.....

    Ha! Ha! My other purchase is sitting less then 4 feet away from me, each cd out of it's case, and stacked up in a large "Tower of Babel" because I didn't have a case to put it in! lol, I kid you not!

    I think offering the case is a helpful tool for the buyer.....who might not be thinking about it at the time of purchase.

    God bless your company,

  9. Any product or offering that allows us to recover potentially waisted time, such as travel, lunch breaks at work etc, is a wonderfull tool for growth. And hey...gotta check out the prophecy of Israel DVD!
    What a great way to inject God's light in the midst of all the "other" influences we are bombarded with moment by moment.
    I hope the winner will put it to good use!

    The death rate is still 100%, and the only thing we take with us when we go is the love we've given and the knowlege we've obtained along the way...fill-er up!!
  10. Contest closed. I'll notify the winner soon and announce it.
  11. Read the second post for the winner's name.
  12. I am so happy, excited, blessed and appreciative!
    This will be a most wonderful thing to have for my family!
    Thank You, so very much!!!:israel: :eek: :dance::bow:
  13. I am very much happy to see that this kind of product is available. It will be ofgreat help to people that have little time to read the scripture.It will give room for them to listen to the scripture while they are doing something else, As i belive that everybody needs jut a word from the lord for transformation.
    I hope it will be available for every kind of people,both the rich and the poor.
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