May 1! Let's plant!

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by FG21, May 2, 2009.

  1. May 1! Let's plant!

    LOL!!! So I got the peat pots going....beans, zuc, etc. Even putting in some peas a little late! Going to direct sow the corn (got an early yella, later "creme and honey") and carrots and taters (the aforementioned haybales).

    I'm not sure if this is bragging but where I am planting hasn't had any action for many years. I'm shoveling out. Digging down about a half foot to a foot to make sure the roots are gone. Good hard work! Good thing here we have a good sandy loam from the creek. I took pics of the "before"


    Well kids I dug out some. Can't wait to plant there! I'll take after pics. I figure I will be finished by the time the first sprouts come forth!

    Thank you Lord for spring and good hard work!
  2. Can't wait to see the after. Looks like a big project, but once you've accomplished it, it's going to feel and taste sooooo good.

    Praying for blessings on your garden,

  3. Thats quite a job my friend.
    Are you planning to dig that out by hand?

    Maybe I'm just a bit lazy but that's sort of why they invented plows and disks. :) :D don't ya think?

    One things fer sure, your arms are going to be strong enough to carry a mule by the time you get done! :cool:

    I have three rows in so far, the rain is slowing me down a little, I can't till because the soil is just too wet.
    I just started a "Topsy Turvey" [spelling]
    My wife picked it up in town, it's a plastic bag that hangs upside down, there is a sponge in the bottom you insert the tomato (Or I supose whatever) thru.

    Your plant then grows upside down, away from our furry little friends and I would think the warm moist atmosphere around the root ball will be beneficial.
    I've never used one before but thought I would try it out. If it works pretty well I was thinking about putting several of them along the edges of the front porch.
    Between tomato, pepper, spearmint and hummingbird feeders, I would think that would make a nice smelling little habitat to drink coffee in! :)
  4. This will be a huge tasks. I hope you have more help with this LOL.

    God be with you on this task,
  5. Well...... I did git a little work done today...

    Pickels, Unyins, Pepperz, Maters, Letus, Taters, and I put a lamp above the "No Rabbits" sign, cause I know they usually come by whin it's still dark, and that way they can see it.

    Plus, I used a picture cause I knows they cant read neither!!


    This hound was no help at all though.

  6. I started a garden this year for the first time in many years. So far, I have leaf lettuce, potatoes, corn, beans, squash, zuchinni, and cucumbers in the ground. Tomatoes and peppers will soon follow.
  7. Oh fer petes sake!!! Your garden looks very nice! I may have to chastise ya Dusty! We in WA work. This female is digging out by shovel what I showed ya. Yes, there are tractors. Those small Chinese/Japanese? ones are great I hear. Kabuto?

    Not hard, just labor intensive! I need it. I have packed on 10 pounds since quitting smoking. I need to work!

    It's good hard labor that feels so good. And I can praise my Lord.

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