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  1. Seriously, anyone else getting tired of seeing a similarly-titled thread popping up EVery TIME I turn CFS on? Am I being a complete jerk?

    So, as a diversion, let's talk about maturation.

    "Maturation is the process of learning to cope and react in an emotionally appropriate way. It does not necessarily happen along with aging or physical growth, but is a part of growth and development. A situation a person must deal with at a young age prepares them for the next and so on into adulthood. Maturation does not stop when physical growth ends - it continues through adulthood. An adult who loses a parent, for instance, learns to cope with a new emotional situation that will affect the way he or she deals with situations that follow.

    Read more:

    Okay. I'm a brat.
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  2. I'm regretting this already. On many levels.

    How many errors am I allowed here?
  3. I'll be glad when the similarly titled thread is over with too... :) I was just telling my wife in the car today how immature christians are remaining these days. They're stuck being babes in Christ, never moving on to perfection, Heb 6:1, and they wonder why their lives are a mess.
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  4. You "maturation" is NOT me forgetting if I was going into or coming out of the bathroom?????
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  5. I guess im still a babe
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  6. I know I am! But I don't intend on staying that way! :)
  7. Amen my friend! Amen!
  8. Being a "babe" in one person's eyes hardly means you're one in the eyes of everyone else.
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  9. By the sounds of things, I'm glad I missed that thread. I tire of the constant bickering and the 'worship God my way' attitude. I didn't have a chance to log onto the forum over the weekend, but I saw the thread you're talking about and it had well over 100 replies. Generally, I click on the 'New Posts' button and browse the subject lines. I usually bypass anything with more than 15 or so replies....
  10. Game on! Sounds like an interesting topic.. Are we going to talk about maturation from a wordly perspective or spiritual perspective? My Father in heaven bring spiritual maturation the same way I guess :)
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  11. ^^Sure!

    What about milk and meat.

    I find that people use these terms to put others down and to raise their own estimates of who they are....
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  13. What about this one from your site?

    Ephesians 4:14-15 ESV / 77 helpful votes
    So that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes. Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ,

    I can easily get caught in this trap by seeing something that looks right but not researching it myself....
  14. So true! So often we get so deeply involved in certain aspects and loose the focus.. The focus should always be Christ.. And even I get caught into this so frequently.. And I can give an example as well.. Sometimes I get into debates, discussion, etc with speaking in tongues.. I think even we both did! But eventually we lose focus of Christ.. It becomes a debate on intellectual understanding.. I think Paul is saying never lose focus of Christ.. The Author, Finisher and Perfecter of our faith
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  15. So true.. Few things I can think off..

    1) As a believer, our craving should be for solid food and not milk.. We should never be contempt with milk. We should have the desire for solid food
    2) Once we are served with solid food, we should be very careful to discern between nutritious food and junk food. We all have tendency to like junk food. It becomes critical to avoid junk food.
    3) It is important to remember that only Holy Spirit can make us digest the food. If we don't "seek" Him, we would end up with digestion problems :D
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  16. How would you define these three elements? Thank you.
  17. Sorry, did not understand the question.. Which three elements?
  18. ^^ These three
    Please define these spiritual foods
    1. milk
    2. solid, nutiritious food
    3. digestion problems

    You see, since coming here, I have been accused of only "eating" milk, because I choose to follow Torah. I have been told that I do not eat the meat of the Word.

    I have also been told that my salvation is based upon works, not grace, which is absolutely NOT true!
  19. Yes, it seems like we are stuck in the mud on hell, homosexuals and works based salvation :sleep:.
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  20. Really? I don't know who would say of that.. I have learned a lot from you..

    What do you mean by choose to follow Torah? I have seen you quoting NT verses.. At least that's what I remember..

    The difference between milk and meat is commonly interpreted as the level of teaching.. I always look at this example.. We see Paul at some places writing do not indulge in sexual immorality.. And he will go on quoting what exactly they are.. That is milk.. That is, teaching black and white.. The same thing is also written as offer yourselves as a sacrifice to God.. This is meat.. It covers the nutrition provided by milk.. But takes the understanding to a different level.. I hope I am conveying my thoughts clearly..

    What I sarcastically mentioned as digestion problems is heresy and false doctrines.. If we are not prepared, then the meat could be misinterpreted and end up in heresies and false doctrines..

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