Matthew 6:6

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  1. Matthew 6:6

    Matthew 6:6

    Before I was truly in the faith I took this as meaning not to attend church. Or at least the typical style church if you get my meaning.

    However since I have actually opened my heart I am feeling a calling to attend a church at the very least to help me in learning and understanding His word.

    Some advice on this would be very helpful.

    I looked for previous postings on this and did not find any. As I am still in the process of actually reading the Bible myself I am praying all the time that I get the true meaning of the word and not my own bias on it. Thank you in advance my new brothers and sisters in Christ.
  2. Texas brother
    If you were to go on a road full of churches, and you go inside each one, can you tell which follows the Bible truly and which has pastors obeying God rather than their own will? and which Church has wickedness inside and which goodness ?
  3. Sorry about the old English but here is what Matthew Henry wrote about that verse.

  4. Barnes writes
    Barnes New Testament Notes
  5. Wesleys Notes

  6. Honestly I'm also feeling a calling to go to church. Wish I could!

  7. The church that I attend is a source of blessing, encouragement and fellowship. It is also a place where I receive consistant sound biblical teaching. I thank God for it.

  8. We were just discussing this last Fri . in a Bible Study that I attend .: Hypocrisy.Jesus spoke very harshly about hypocrisy. He hated phony pretense far more than we give Him credit for.

    Matthew 6

    1"Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven

  9. you got your answer there Texas "The church that I attend is a source of blessing, encouragement and fellowship. It is also a place where I receive consistant sound biblical teaching. I thank God for it."

    Make sure that the teaching is biblical!
  10. I too am blessed beyond my wildest dreams to attend a church with 45 different nationalities all worshipping together

    . It is awesome. I am so happy there . It is a unique church.

    At the end of missions month when we all gather for all the cultural songs and dance form all those countries .... then we have food in the gym from all those different countries.

    Don't get me wrong that is not the reason , I go just for the food but the praise and worship and the teachings from our pastor give me the sustinence and the substance to dig further into the Word.

  11. Naturally! That is true when you read a book, listen to a friend, hear a preacher on TV or the radio and when you attend a church.

    Check what is said against the word of God.

    At times you may find something that appears to contradict. When that happens go and discuss it with whoever said it. If it is at church book an appointment and chat to the Pastor. Go with a humble attitude and be willing to hear both sides of the argument.

    There are a few potential outcomes.

    They will learn and change

    You will realise that you had not correctly understood either what was said or what the bible actually teaches

    Or in a few cases after careful and prayerful discussion you may find that you still do not agree.
  12. Thank you so much all. I believe I am starting to understand. Its really amazing how the word just comes to life. When you have an open mind and heart it really is very easy to understand it.

    I think it is about time I locate a church in my area.

    Again thank you all. God Bless
  13. God bless you brother :)
  14. The best teacher is the Holy Spirit. Seek The guidance of one who will not lead you into a pit. Trust in the teachings of men and you will.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days

  15. Amen Adstar
  16. Your prayer closet, the prayer shawl used by the Jews was called a prayer closet in them days, hope this helps.
  17. If you take a bunch of charcoal and put them in your BBQ and light them they all start generating heat. If you take one away and put it by itself it will start losing heat and eventually die out. You put it back in at it starts up again.
    So I would say find a church and start generating heat for God.:p:p:):):D:D
  18. nice one da_man :p :D:D

  19. LOL Hey Housesitter. That sounds like a good place to attend. I still laugh when I remember the first church I attended as a Christian. My wife, our four daughters and I attended a lovely church, and every Sunday, morning and evening the same man greeted us. He would say "Welcome to blah blah fellowship. Is this your first time here?" This happened for about six weeks. He was the only one who even looked at us. It is sad when a body of believers doesn't notice the people that come to their church.
  20. I don't understand how anyone can forget a big white bearded man like you Cho LOOL grin

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