Matthew 12

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  1. Exactly what is the unpardonable sin within the context where it is found? It is not an individual sin but it is a national sin; it was committed by the Jewish generation of Jesus' day and cannot be applied to subsequent Jewish generations. The content of the unpardonable sin was: the national rejection by Israel of the Messiahship of Yeshua–while He was present–on the grounds of being demon possessed. Individuals of that day could, and did, escape that judgment, as was true with the Apostle Paul. Nor is it a sin that anyone can commit today. On this point, the Bible is very clear. Regardless of what sin anyone commits today, every sin is forgivable for that individual who will come to God through Jesus the Messiah. The nature of the sin is irrelevant. Every sin is forgivable for that individual who will come to God through Jesus the Messiah. But for the nation as a whole, for that particular generation, this unique sin
  2. Rejecting the prompting of the Holy Spirit to repent and ask Jesus into one's heart. The Holy Spirit gives us enough insight to make an informed decision about the work of the cross. When people reject His work then they're doomed. This is why Jesus went to heaven and the Holy Spirit came down. He's the down-payment of our salvation. To reject His nudges, to get saved and accept the free gift of Jesus, dooms them to hell.

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  3. All wrong.
  4. Beloved, you answered the question. No sin is unforgivable if one "comes to Jesus the Messiah" in repentance. But that leads to another question: is it ever too late to be forgiven? I am of the persuasion that many people come to the Messiah too late...but individually! I'll stop here: I want to hear other Brethren.

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