Match the person

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  1. Match the person

    Match the "Person" to the "Description"


    1. PILOT ______

    2. NICODEMUS ______

    3. PHARISEES _______

    4. DISCIPLES ______

    5. GUARDS ______

    6. ANGEL _____

    7. SOLDIERS ______

    8. SIMON _______

    9. MARY ______

    10. BARABBAS______


    A. helped Jesuscarry the cross

    B. appeared at the tomb

    C. stood watch outside of the grave

    D. people who wanted to crucify Jesus

    E. Roman governor responsible for Jesus death

    F. A Pharisee who favored Jesus

    G. Tortured Jesus and placed thorns on his head

    H. Ran to tell others that Jesus had risen from the dead

    I. This criminal who was set free so Jesus could be crucified.

    J. Men chosen by Jesus to follow Him


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