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  1. The Hypertext Markup Language is the most basic thing you need to learn to create a web page. It is the language which is understood by the web browser to display web content in a specific manner. You need to be fluent in writing HTML code to be able to create basic web pages. It's an extremely simple language to learn and you will surely enjoy working with it. There are plenty of online HTML tutorials and books to help you out. Later you may also dabble into XHTML and XML which are more advanced markup languages.
  2. Why bother when you can use programs like dreamweaver that write the code for you?
  3. A couple of reasons I can think or are:

    1. You have full control over your code. I don't know what the wyswig editors are like these days and suspect it might be less of an issue with people generally having faster connections but they had a tendency to churn out a fair amount of junk in addition to the HTML that was actually needed.

    2. A lot of websites (this forum is an example) use dynamic content and the pages are built up by the server. The pages aren't HTML that (as far as I know) a program like Dreamweaver can handle. One way I might handle printing a list of our names in php for example.

    $users[] = "jon";
    $users[] = "josh";
    echo "<ul>";
    foreach ($users as $user){
        echo "<li>$user</li>";
    echo "</ul>";
    At the moment, my software choice for my own web stuff which is in php is Netbeans
  4. Learning HTML/CSS allows you to tweak your designs and create things that are very dynamic. Thanks be to God for the opportunity to create something that is so flexible. Its challenging and fulfilling when you create a website that looks the way you want in the popular browsers. IE7 usually presents the most flaws but its fun tweaking them and finding a remedy that works across all popular browsers.
  5. I have a very hard time with learning CSS...I guess I make it harder than it really is.
  6. William - Anything new is a challenge at first. When I first started my website, it was crazy that people thought it was so easy. But as you start to understand how things work it is much easier. The things that is been extremely helpful for me is using Forefox and using the Firebug add-on. It allws you to have a window open that looks at the CSS code of that page. You can then edit that info right there and see how your chnages affect teh page. Then when you have what you want, you can go and actually change it in your files.

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