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  1. Over the last couple of weeks my wife has changed tremendously into a woman that I don't know. She spent 3 weeks away and came back a different person and blames me for everything! We were so happy and close before she went away and thought we had everything we ever wanted! Now she is so distant and seems to be pushing me away further each day! I am so confused and hurt. I have tried talking to her but she says she is very angry and doesn't know where we will end up!
    Just need someone to talk to!!
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm guessing you are both saved? Was there anything that happened before she left? Where did she go? Business trip? Vacation?
  4. Everything was perfect before she left even up until two days before she returned! She was on a vacation to see family and friends! She went to England!
  5. You stated that she is "very angry"'; has she not told you why? Do her family and friends secretly not like you? Sorry for all the questions, your situation is a bit vague but it's probably due to the fact that she has not told you what is really wrong yet. Have there been any new revelations since yesterday? What happens when you try and talk to her about it? How do you approach it?
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  6. ah ok, 3 weeks minus 2 days stay there…. I thought there's something wrong in the air there .... jk...

    something is vague, yeah, most likely a vague communication going on...
  7. never answered my questions though...:unsure:
  8. She
    she says it's all me! Her family and I get on really well! When I try to approach it she clams up and won't talk! I've tried different approaches but nothing is working!!
  9. Sorry Aha, I quoted you when I meant to quote Ian.

    Ian, if she is saved, I would pray to God to have Him soften her heart so that she may speak with you about what's on her mind. Do her friends and family know about her recent revelation? I really want to help and want others to jump in too, but the details are lacking...
  10. I don't know if any of her friends or family know about what has happened! It's not something I can really talk about with them! I know I have to speak to my wife about this but have no idea how to approach the subject! I have been praying so hard for this to work out!!
  11. Have you asked God about it? Have you asked God what to do? Do you trust that God can help you with this? God should be the first place to go. Pray without ceasing. Trust God to handle the situation and if he tells you to do something do it.

    We don't know anything about the situation, but do not let Satan fill your mind with negativity. Stay strong in love and faith, trusting God with everything. This is your best defense.

    Ask God to fill you with his supernatural love and peace and wisdom and to protect your marriage. God is with you. Trust him.

    Praying for you.
  12. She's given no clues at all? Is her anger directed at you only? Or is she angry with everyone and everything? You said she blames you for everything, what are some of those things?
  13. Good call on asking these questions and bumping up the thread. We haven't received an update in a while...if in fact he wants to give one.

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