Marriage In Trouble

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  1. My wife is currently involved in an emotional affair, I don't believe it has gotten any further than that at this point. She is completely unwilling to end that relationship. I have been standing firm for months now, and fighting for our marriage, she says she's has been to, but actions speak louder than words, I don't believe she's interested at all. Her relationship with this other man continues to grow, this man that she willingly let into our marriage, had the oppurtunity to make plenty of choices along the way, and chose him every time.. I have to now take control of the situation, she is just waiting for this man to make some kind of commitment, and she will be gone. I will not allow this adulterer to decide my fate. My wife is born again, and was very strong in the Lord, and now she's even turning her back on God, and putting this man above God, what chance do I have? I don't know what to do, ready to just pursue divorce, but do not want to go against God. Please help, thoghts and prayers are greatly appreciated, thank you God Bless!
  2. I will remember you in my prayers, Brother. I can't really give you advice, but just remember that even when you are going through the fire, the Son of God is at your side. When you are at your weakest, his strength is manifested at it's greatest.
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  3. Thank you, miserable situation. GOD BLESS!
  4. Woo her back....
  5. I really like Mike's advice. This is a very practical thing to do.
  6. Go to meetings with a good Christian councillor / elder at church immediately!!

    We stayed married because we fear and respect God!

    Hence your top priority should be to get God back on the throne in her life!!
    God's top priority will be to save your marriage, He hates divorce!!

    Let God deal with her, you help God. Any abnormal 'sucking up' will solve nothing (no offence to Mike). Don't do more then the norm unless you are currently not a good spiritual leader / husband. You get on your knees and judge yourself harshly before God, get your own life right with God. What you want is for her to get on her knees before God and judge herself in fear and trembling before Him too. If possible you both do it together. God will tell her to hang in there and work at it, which will involve no company with that guy!

    She is already moving on in her heart. The demons are drawing her. You need to get God back in asap. The devil is after your marriage and wants to ruin her. Hearing this predicament drives me nuts!! Darn devil and wicked people deserve hell!!

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