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  1. I know a lot of people who highlight, underline and make notes in their Bible. I'm not saying it's wrong; I just couldn't ever bring myself to do it. What's your thought on it?
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  2. Lol, I see it like this, the more marked up a bible is the more you know some one has been digging in and learning.

    I have had the Holy Spirit guide me to underline and make notes on things and connect with other Scriptures.

    For me, an unmarked Bible is an unused Bible.
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  3. I agree 100%
    When my grandmother went home to be with Jesus, she left her marked up Bible to me. When I opened to scan the Bible, I saw all these markings, underlined passages and notations next to certain scriptures. I wondered, "what in the world is this? Why did she write in the bible like this?" I was young and did not understand. I have long since then added to her markings, underlining passages and placing notations. What she left me was priceless. But more than that, what she notated and underlined was even more priceless.
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  4. I also have very marked up Bibles. For me i put everything that God shows me and speaks to me where the passages are so that I can always have that truth right near when I am reading.

    My mom also gave me the Bible that my dad used the most when he went on to heaven, and to see how he marked in his Bible and what was important is so awesome. His has got some oil or grease all over it (cuz I'm sure he had it in His garage) so I have it put away wrapped in plastic, But like godbeforme said..its priceless!
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  5. My older Bibles are full of highlights and underlines. I still treasure them.

    But in my middle years I noticed that highlights had some unwanted effects.

    First, it draws attention too strongly. If I turn a page while reading, I am not disciplined enough to wait for me reading to get to that point.

    And, many Bibles are printed on very thin paper, and marks on the other side of the sheet take away from reading.

    Also, I have several times wished an existing highlight began a little later because I wanted a new highlight concerning the prior text to include the beginning of that highlight, but not the later portion.

    It also subtly marks some text as more important than the rest.

    So now I do little highlighting in physical Bibles, but do it more in my electronic versions where I can unhighlight passages, or turn highlights off altogether without loosing the ability to turn them back on.

    I would say that the act of highlighting aids in memorization, as well as impressing upon yourself the importance of passages.

    If you find it helps, BY ALL MEANS DO IT.
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  6. It's funny how this also gets me sometimes to. I get excited to see what i felt was so important before hand. And if I am not sure of where to read, or am having difficulty concentrating, it surely can be distracting. But this is just something i have resolved to overlook and discipline myself in.
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  7. I'm going to have to say, no I don't mark/highlight passages. It's perfectly fine to mark, and I appreciate those who do it but that's not me. I am too OCD to do it. :p

    I like my Bible nice and neat because when it's messy I'm a little put-off by that. Perhaps I'd be ok with post-it notes on the sides since they don't disturb the original text, and they can be easily edited. lol

    I write my notes in a separate book and when I pass it down to someone else, hopefully it'll be a blessing similar to a marked/highlighted Bible.
    (Just thought of sharing my perspective) :)
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  8. You know brother, there is deliverance for that.
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  9. I meant it as more of a joke brother(not that actual OCD is a laughing matter), but I guess I'll say I'm more neat and orderly in certain things. I don't think it impedes my life, so I just embrace it proudly. :D
    Tq for your concern Jim, truly. :love:
  10. A ratty looking bible is a sign of one who isn't.
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  11. I have learned to not claim anything that is not of God and for sure, don't speak it.
    We may think it's funny, or meaningless harmless words, but to our Enemy the devil, it's the door he has been working towards.

    You can choose to see this any way you wish. It's your free will. Just think about it and pray about it is all I ask !!
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  12. Very Well Said Sir !!!
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  13. Greetings:

    I use 3x3 stickies on the prefaces pages and on the inside covers for special verses.I'll only touch the
    word of God with a dot when it's YAHH instead of YHWH.
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  14. I started off making mini-book marks with bits of paper, to mark the pages that I felt were really important to me. Problem is, I ended up with a Bible stuffed full of bits of paper, which kind of defeats the object:rolleyes:

    I daren't even think about using highlighters, or I'd just end up with a big old rainbow:)
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  15. Some persons who both study and do daily reading have two identical bibles... one for study, which contains their notes and references, and one as a daily reader with no notes, that can eventually be passed down to other family members.

    There are also many bible versions available that are called "note taker" bibles... with wide margins. An image of one is furnished below...

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  16. I think that it is a wonderful thing to do. I have my grandmothers Bible where she made notes, circled verses and recorded sermons preached back in the 1st part of the 1900's. It is a real blessing to open that Bible, read what she was thinking and learning.

    I have done that myself now for 50 years and I have gone through about 12 Bibles. I have had all my children and grandchildren tell me that they wanted one of those Bibles when I go to heaven.
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  17. I'm a 'marker' lol... as well as that, my Bible has physically fallen apart in which I've used cello-tape to mend it to the best I can. The cover has worn out and the pages are rippled. I like the way it is because the power and the meaning of the words inside of my Bible does not change at all ;)

    Also, I've been blessed enough to be gifted with a KJV Bible from very good and kind hearted people :)
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  18. If you need a new KJV Bible, send me a "PM" and I will be glad to make sure you get one.
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  19. Thank you for the thought and offer brother :) as per my previous post, I have already been gifted a KJV/Amplified Bible from Fish Catcher Jim and Cturtle ....

    Thank you and appreciate the thought :D
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  20. I have several copies of different versions of the bible. The one I love the most is old, getting worn, and marked up with little words and notes.. It is fun and informative as I go through a plan of reading the bible-in-a-year to see what got marked last year. Surprisingly though this is not my study bible. My study bible has so many footnotes and separate sections that if I take notes from it I put them in a notebook.
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