Mark of the Beast (my theory!)

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  1. Most Christians seem to agree that the end times are here but the infamous mark of the Beast is still shrouded in mystery.

    I believe the mark of the Beast is a secret hidden in plain sight and a masterpiece of deception. It's not a chip and it's not a plaque stuck on people's foreheads. I believe it is already here and it is MONEY.

    The Word is actually quite clear: 'No one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark' (Revelation 13:17)

    I can't explain the meaning of the number 666 (maybe some old symbol, obscure allegory or even a bad translation of the ancient texts?) but you can't buy or sell without money. And you use money with your hands, so the mark is received on the hand. I can't explain the use of the word 'forehead', though.

    What are some of the implications of this?

    a) If this is correct, Christians probably will have to renounce money if they want to be saved (Revelation 14:9) This begs that timeless question: are Christians allowed to have money? Maybe not and if this sounds too radical for you, remember what Our Lord Jesus Christ said to the rich young man in Matthew 19:21: 'If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me'.

    b) And we all know the parable of the rich man and Lazarus and how it turned out... (Luke 16:19-31)

    c) Money is not a recent invention but consumerism and materialism are. People will do anything for money these days and God the Father is obviously not happy about it. So, I guess radical measures are required to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    d) Hell is full of millions of souls and I'm sure not all of them are rapists and murderers. If money is (or will be) the mark of the Beast, the way to Heaven is indeed narrow (Matthew 7:14).
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    Its not mysterious to those who have understanding (rev 13:18). A simply bible study that requires obvious answers will help you. Answer these and report back and you will understand the mark of the beast better.

    How many beast are in revelation 13?

    Which beast does the mark belong to, the first or the second beast?

    What does a beast represent according to Daniel 7:23?

    Who gives the first beast its authority? Rev 13:2

    Who is the dragon? Rev 12:9

    What major sin is on the head of the beast? Rev 13:1

    What does the beast power receive? Rev 13:4

    What does that make the beast power? a religious power

    What does the beast do? Rev 13:7

    How long does the beast reign? Rev 13:5

    How many days in a Jewish month? answer: 30 Therefore 42 months times 30 is 1260 days.

    What does a day represent in prophecy? Eze 4:6

    So then, how many years does this beast power rule? 1260 years

    Based on this, so far, do you think you can identify this beast considering both history and the present?

    Report back if you like and I will follow up with more questions ;)
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  3. It's not money, although it could be a certain kind of legal tender. Some kind of device used to access our money which uses hand or forehead scans to activate.
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  4. If it were so, nobody would accept the mark.

    I don't think so, the enemy is usually much more elusive.
  5. you dont except the mark you die so many will accept the mark.
  6. The intriguing thing is that retina scan and finger print scan technologies both now exist and are becoming more common on stuff like tablets and smart phones. I went to a Bible study on Revelations over ten years ago and one of the things we discussed was whether interac might be a pre-cursor to what will eventually happen.

    And I don't necessarily feel uncomfortable at this point saying "intriguing". When we see cause for concern I'll be concerned, but for now I'd rather avoid mass panic and Chicken Little thinking.
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  7. When was money invented?
    Who is the blasphemous name?
    Would the world end if everyone stopped buying and selling?
  8. Do the mini study I posted above and then you will be in a better place to know what the mark is.
  9. It is those who recieve the mark and worship the Beast or his image are the ones who will suffer God's full wrath.
    While a literal mark is definately possible, I would suggest that it speaks more of a way of thought (forehead) and action (forearm).
    When you combine that with what the Revelation speaks of and the religious requirements of the religion, you have Islam.
    That would make sense, but all they have to do to make it a normal thing is make sure people see and hear about it with increasingly regularity. If they also make it easier and cheaper (like interest free loans), then most people will slide right into it with barely a thought or whisper of resistance.
  10. Answers are always better than questions!
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  11. I believe that the MARK is literal.

    Personally I think we all have it right now in the form of your Social Security Number. All that is needed is to have it implanted on your hand or forehead in the form of the UPC Bar Code. "U" stand for UNIVERSAL!!!

    Goggle the "UPC Bar Code" and you will see that every bar code has 3 distinct bars. One at the start, one in the middle and one at the end. Those 3 are called "Bracket Numbers" and believe it or not, each strip represents the number "6" that is read by the computer scanner.

    That means that every product you buy now has the number "666" built into the barcode. That means right now, today no one can buy sell or trade merchandise without the use of the number 666 just as is told to us in Revelation 13.

    IF, and when it is applied to the humans here on the earth, the 666 will then be on every person in the form of the UPC Bar Code.
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  12. That is a myth, UPC barcodes do not actually have 666 in them anywhere.
    Demons have been clawing the "mark of the Beast" on people during exorcisms for centuries. It is a literal mark, four lines down, three across, to form six boxes.
    Using the most common numbering and lettering system on the planet, you get (6 * 6)^6 possible combinations, thus the 666.
    This has not been hidden, just ignored by the mainstream.
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  13. interesting proposal, money, legal tender... Gold?

    1 Kings 10:14New King James Version (NKJV)
    14 The weight of gold that came to Solomon yearly was six hundred and sixty-six talents of gold,
  14. 1 Corinthians 8:4-6New King James Version (NKJV)
    4 Therefore concerning the eating of things offered to idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is no other God but one. 5 For even if there are so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth (as there are many gods and many lords), 6 yet for us there is one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we for Him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, through whom are all things, and through whom we live.
  15. Rev 13 says the number is also the name of a man. So UPC:
    Ulysses Paul Constantine? If his last name was Constantlee, he could go by U. P. Constantlee...........:D:eek: o_O :whistle:
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  16. Its solomons seal. The 'star of david' love of money.
    I thought we already knew this.
    As for islam that too. They are hooking up together in some way.
  17. On their right hand, and seal on forehead, it is the ultra religious who wear the phylacteries. .
  18. Most corporate logos already show occult symbolism
  19. Rememeber solomon went after idols, and was incredibly wealthy. He was also into sorcery and occultism through his many wives. In revelation, its the great mystery babylon whore that rides the beast.
    So someones getting rich off islam. What is their main commodity? Oil.
  20. Who buys the most oil from these arab countries? Industrial nations.

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