Many a young Christian

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  1. Many a young Christian

    Many a young Christian
    this attitude have ye:
    I'm a child of God
    No one can touch me.

    Oh, must you then believe
    that God's ways are now yours?
    You've all wisdom; all heavenly favor;
    the right way, always, is yours?

    Must you drag to your level
    the sovereignty of the King?
    For your will be done, lest you
    suffer or lose anything?

    "I have righteousness", You claim.
    "Imparted from my Father."
    Practical imparting is a process Christian.
    To find and see your many sins, won't you bother?

    Great acts and great glory there are in your dreams.
    You make the cross sound... insufficient, it seams.

    You must show works to evidence your salvation you say.
    But works are by carrying that cross you've tossed away.

    Your pride is an abomination to God,
    self-atonement and self-worship, it's intended ends.
    Come down from those high places He says.
    The high hills wherein are leopards and lion's dens.

    Your Savior is meek and humble. Come down and
    with Him, be.
    'Tis not weak or foolish at all; here is divine knowledge, wisdom, and power
    that are His will and gift for thee.
  2. Just one question - did I use that very last word right... Would it be the...

  3. Ah of course. Thanks.
  4. Very nice have talents from God that are a blessing, and I'm so glad you recognize that they should be used for the Lord.

    Blessings, Cheri:)
  5. That was "Beautiful" Mark

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