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    100_4774.JPG 100_4813.JPG 100_4782.JPG 100_4783.JPG 100_4805.JPG 100_4801.JPG 100_4807.JPG 100_4784.JPG 100_4817.JPG These we took during our first stay in Manila back in Aug.2012, there was some rain but still very warm
    There were flowers in the park as well, in the park the War Memorial with Guards 24 hrs watch.
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  2. Looks very nice :)
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  3. Hi all Bible verses are so great to read and only because God inspired every word that is written.
    Please tell me that as I been writing here for over 6 yrs I still get classed as a new member, the name I went under was Raymondchristianpoems, I cant reopen that site why I dont know
  4. Beautiful Pics Raymond......

    Thanks for sharing

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