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  1. Some thoughts.....
    Society has made women into men in an attempt to overthrow what God has ordained,
    read Genesis.
    A man and a woman are a complimentary team, not equals, both can't row the boat or steer,
    some women want their man when they get married to change. huh, change, into what? a woman.
    So what is A MAN.
    A MAN is competitive, he strives, he battles, hes territorial, hes possessive.
    So when a woman attacks a man on certain levels she doesn't invite the man to change
    but rather to HATE her, and the longer it goes on she has in fact driven him away.
    Men are very tolerant. [not all]
    Men are not very expressive of their emotion, they bury them deep.
    When a woman criticizes a mans efforts, as stupid as they may be,
    its the equal of him saying to her she's an ugly FAT old hag.

    She has attacked his ego,
    ego is a strong thing, his ego to be a good worker, to be successful in life, to provide a home and food.
    Certainly it takes two to tango and a lot of relationships the man is perceived as the cavemen who won't understand his wifes emotions, because he can't and won't, its alien to his mental makeup.
    Are men lazy couch potatoes, be they on a fishing boat or in front of the TV, yes and no.
    Old lions do a lot of lying around, lying around is good, watching football is better if it involves lying around,
    whats your problem?
    But here's the problem how can you get a man to appreciate a woman?
    Men and women can get into a loop or starving one another.
    We cannot change another human being, our wife or husband is not our possession,
    we don't own them, they are who they are,
    we cannot change them,
    they can only change themselves,
    Forced change can leave a bitter resentment, a crack waiting for something to split it open.
    Men don't talk about their problems, [most]
    but don't mean he isn't thinking about it night and day trying to resolve it in his mind.
    Human beings shouldn't live together, their too dumb messy and lazy
    I only speak for myself.
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    And then they say .... " tune me out..."....and, they're absolutely right. Because it's the only way to survive the constant belittling, criticism, nagging, and resultant loss of self-respect.

    And, if we comply with the "change", guess what? Then, we become their "girlfriend" and get "sharing" about how they are no longer attracted to us but they are to other men who exhibit a public persona of being a "man" (just like we do, but they never see it, and they never see the milquetoast "McDreamy" is at home)....
    Let me just say to all people out who like to cry.
    Crying is when you are really hurt by something,
    NOT when you don't get your own way.
    When you don't get your own way and start crying that's emotional blackmail.
    Usually small immature spoilt children use this and sometimes adult Christians who should know better.
    saying "if you don't do this then you don't love me/family/pet dog/whatever."
    If I don't climb mount Everest then THEIR emotional well being won't be satisfied, though really its THEIR failure as A CHRISTIAN to become mature by existing in a relationship with God that changes THEM.
    LOVE ONE ANOTHER IS LOVE, an emptying of one's self.

    As a Christian you should always try to be mature and aware that not only your spouse but any person you meet can be using manipulation on you,
    to put you on a guilt trip: if you were serious about this...
    watch for the words IF YOU.
    It gets you to ask yourself a guilt question, to put you in a corner to start an argument, when before no such argument or problem existed.
    I FORGIVE YOU. huh? what did I do?
    Yes there is real forgiveness but sometimes this remark is a condescending remark lacking compassion.
    True forgiveness has a portion of forgetting, yes it exists as a fact you did wrong,
    but when someone reminds you of your mistake they are treading on your feet and saying: oh did I step on your feet and hurt you, oops silly me. I forgive you
    don't let it happen again.
    You should have this attitude that you.. ...see those words, I can be trying to manipulate you or give you advice,
    but in this instance I would say let no sin of your past be so powerful or known by anyone so that if it is shouted to the whole world
    you can go: is that the best you've got. oh well my bad. I might have ice cream for dinner.
    i'm not talking about arrogance about your sins, but the power of people to manipulate you through their knowledge of your sin.
    Your forgiven by God, consider it washed away by the blood of the Lamb, [but don't do it again].
  4. of course it take two to tango,
    Men are as immature as Women, women are not mature neither are men, I don't think so.

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