Man gets hit by hit and run driver

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  1. Man gets hit by hit and run driver

    ...And no one helps.

    Please don't watch the video if you may find it hard to watch, theres nothing graphical, just a guy on security camera getting hit by a car.

    YouTube - Man Killed by Hit and Run Driver - No One Helps

    It reminds me of the story of the good samaritan.

  2. What I want to know is WHY did these people NOT help this poor man? I mean, they could have easily flipped out there celluar phones and dialed 9-1-1. I didn't know it was that hard to press 3 numbers and then Enter/Dial!

    I just really, really don't understand this. If I was there I would have ran to the nearest phone and called the ambulance!
  3. I saw this on the news last night, they reported it was an 8 year old child. Either way, it is terrible that no one cared enough to help!
  4. Hate is carved on the forehead of every person on that video.
  5. But why do they hate him? Even if I didn't like him he is still a person in need of medical assistance.
  6. I know the person who ran him over was hating him. He was going too fast. Very suspicious. And alot of the persons who passed by him hated him. He was crossing the street so they probably thought "thats what you get".
  7. I don't think this person who hit the man was hating him. Many people have gotten hit by cars and they are hit-and-run incidents, and are kind of like freak accidents gone wrong. I do not understand why people do not stop these days when they hit people...? Whatever it is they need to make the streets and roads safer for people so we do not have to live in a state of fear of crossing our own roads!

    Now for comic relief: The chicken has a good reason NOT to cross the road. :D
  8. Unless this was a deliberate hit-and-run...
  9. A lot of people think… “someone else will help”
    A lot of people don’t want to help an injured person for fear of getting sued if they make the injuries worse. (it actually happens)

    I saw a story about this on the news this morning. It was said that 4 people called 911 right away.
    But these days, it all depends on what news channel you watch. 4 people might have called 911, or maybe not.

  10. That was simply awful and a poor testimony to all who would not help.
  11. I never cease to be amazed at how heartless and uncaring people have become.
  12. It looked like a hit a run. I mean the car was fast from the beginning, almost if they where trying to do something bad anyways. Also it's hard to tell if it was intentional or not. Thats how bad it looked.
  13. It may have been an accident, however two cars were on the wrong side of the road! That's not really an accident, that is really not using any care.
  14. This is sad, but we were warned ahead of time, "in the last days, peoples love will grow cold". This is sad and I see it all over, people who will not lift a finger to help another in need. Even if it is their job to help, they will try to pass the buck.
  15. I know Hartford pretty well. And though this is sad, I'm not surprised at this. On the smaller scale, Hartford has been a decaying city- but there is a chance to minister to them and to help them, in other areas around the world too- through suffering there is mercy and redemption. On the larger scale it is very true that people all over have become indifferent to things that are happening. It is almost a desensitization of sorts. I find that what would usually make people angry or upset is instead making people go "meh". It is in this environment that the beast will come from nowhere. :eek:

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