Man claims Subway baked knife into sandwich

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Dusty, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. I kind of find this story hard to believe.
  2. I don't. Young people goofing around, working high/drunk, or just making an exit on their last day of work. I knew a guy who delivers pizzas who said he wants to put magic mushrooms in some random person's deluxe pizza before he quits. :eek::mad:
  3. :eek::eek::eek:

    Yah , Mark that is the very reason why I don't eat at fast food places. Too many young people working there and thinking of they think funny things to do to people.

    Not you though Mark. I know you would never do anything like that.:)
  4. I think it's just a scam to bilk Subway out of money--like people who fake an injury to get money.
  5. Why I find this story hard to believe is because of the current state of the country - people try to pull these stunts on businesses (especially big ones) to get money out of them. This man could have easily stuck the knife inside the bread crust; it's not that difficult to do and if he sounds convincing enough, he might get his way.

    Secondly, did he give a description of the knife? Was it plastic (plastic ain't so bad...) or metal (as in stainless steel....)? It's kind of hard to miss putting anything silver or black in food.

    And thirdly, we're a little more strict here with people and these food service jobs. Sure, every-once-in-a-while someone gets bold and decides to put something in someone's food, but unless they want to get their company sued and fired, or put in jail [whichever], they tend to keep these things down. This reminds me of the whole "I found someone's finger in my chili!" incident at Wendy's. It really caused Wendy's to go down the drain afterwards. They just recently started advertising.

  6. I can remember people putting hypodermic needles in Pepsi cans as a scam- some went to jail.
  7. Ew. Gross. :(
  8. Could be who knows .... My son worked for a fast food place and he told me a few things that go on and some of these young people are really wicked. so I would not discredit anything.:(:(

    Sorry but there are some cruel people in our world and if some can put razor blades in apples and just recently some one put rat poisan in bread in a park and two dogs died and several got sick. Last year some one put razor blades in the sand in a park and kids were hurt before it was discovered.
  9. it miht happen cus i work at mcdonalds and i know some people before they quite wnated to do stuff to do the people food
  10. I don’t know about NY, but here in Minnesota, the Subway shops always cut the sandwiches in half right before they wrap them up. That would make one foot long into two 6” sandwiches. The knife had a 7” blade. Even in a foot long, a 7” blade would have a handle. It would be awful tricky to hide something like that in a piece of bread and not hit it when they cut it lengthwise to make the sandwich.

    I think the guy planted it and wants some money.
    If he only would have planted a small paring knife.
    I don’t think the Subway shops even have a need for a knife with a 7” blade and probably don’t have any in the store.
  11. I agree Who. That's why this story is to fishy to me. Unless he got a footlong, then MAYBE it could happen. But its hard to believe. These days, I take everything anyone says like a grain of salt.
  12. Dean the Subways in Louisiana cut their foot longs in half also.:eek:
  13. My brother got a "Five Dollar Foot Long" at a Subways in New York the other day, and it was cut into two halves as well.

    I don't think there were any knives in it though :D

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