Mammoth to be cloned by Japanese

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  1. A baby mammoth is being shipped from Russia to Japan to be cloned. What do you think?

    I may have read an old aritcle. I just read something that says it was already successfully cloned.
  2. Could you link to the article? I'm assuming that the baby mammoth is one that was frozen in a glacier and not a living one since a living baby mammoth would be big news. If it can be done, I think it would be cool to clone a live mammoth. I suppose there are various ethical and theological issues that ought to be considered, but the thought of being able to see a live mammoth intrigues me.
  3. just google clone baby mammoth and you'll come up with several stories from 2007 to 2011

    Here is one link:

    I read one article that sounded like they already did it, but when I searched for more I found nothing. If they had been successful it would have been all over the news so I must have misread or it was a hoax.

    It just seems a shame to me that we spend so much money bringing back an extinct animal when we had so many needs in todays World. What a waste of money.

    However, I do agree it is intriging and I will be "wasting" my time reading about it if they succeeed. I am pretty sure I would travel to see it if a I got the chance, too. But that money and the money they waste studying gobal warming could be better spent.
  4. I don't see it as a 'waste of money', I think it is quite interesting, though I do think some other kind of prehistoric animal would be more interesting to clone than a baby mammoth, but that is my opinion.

    What about ancient plants? That would be very interesting and beautiful!
  5. I think they're going with the mammoth because there's a better chance of finding viable DNA to work with. I'd like to see a Jurassic park for real for sure.
  6. Thanks for the links. I'm gonna have a look when I have a moment.

    I wonder what mammoth tastes like? Is it lean? Is it gamey? Is it good with barbecue sauce?
  7. I heard it taste just like chicken! :)
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  8. Didn't work out so well in the movie ...

    Think the scientists might be biting off more than they can chew!


  9. Raptors running around would make life so much more interesting. And it would make some of the other problems in life we obsess about seem insignificant. But, yeah, considering man's track record with unintended or unforseen (or just plain ignored) consequences of technological advances, I feel a certain trepidation each time some wonderous new technology is developed.
  10. If they succeed, I will feel sorry for the mammoth. I think its elephant mommy will reject it. And just think of the explaining she's gonna have to do with daddy!!!!!

    The other elephant kids will pick on him for being different.
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  11. [​IMG]LOL![​IMG]

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