Malachi 1:8

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  1. Malachi 1:8

    Malachi 1:8 and if ye offer the blind for sacrifice, is it not evil? and if ye offer the lame and sick, is it not evil? offer it now unto thy governor; will he be pleased with thee, or accept thy person? saith the Lord of hosts.

    Is it not sad that some 2400 years later we are still doing the same thing offering God Blind sacrafice (tradition over Christianity, do something for no real reason instead of to please and worship God).
    A offering of Lameness to God (not our best, haft hearted worship, in prayer, bible study, witnessing, praise).
    A offering of Sickness (an all about Me additude instead of all about Him).
  2. Yes, it is sad, and I wonder if the reason has something to do with our "tradition" of churches? When I first became a Christian, I was surprised at how many Christian churches there were to choose from, and the different doctrines I had to sift through.

    If we "had church" like they did in Jesus' day, it would be more individual instead of so institutionalized. Am I making sense? I just feel like instead of putting so much effort into programs and building projects in our churches, we should be meeting in homes instead and concentrating on sharing how God has led us during the week. I really need to share with others things God has been speaking to me, and it doesn't happen in church, which has become our main place of worship.

    As if we can leave it there and not carry our worship on into our daily lives at home. That's sad I think.
  3. The word of God says don't fail to assemble ourselves together, the revivel of Nehemaihs time came by the church, Jesus preached in the church, the apostles preached in the church. We need the insitution, but it is the sacrafices to God that are not given rightly. God excepts only a broken heart (psalm 51). What is needed is for us as a seporated people to get back to Seeking God Almighty! not giving him the blind for blindness sake, the lame because we don't want to, and the sickness of sin, He is holy and should be reverenced as such.
  4. Yes, true but remember that it's all on one body, on Christ. So don't bad-mouth the church because they too were once like you people. But they realize that it's not that easy. They are spreading the word, and they are doing their job. Do your job as the hearer by helping the poor, love other people, forgive brother and sister who sinned against you.
    Love the church. God bless you.
  5. God can use both the organized church and the home fellowship. Both are important and have their place.
  6. Perhaps we should remember that the Church in the time of the Apostles often met in house groups.

    "To Philemon....and to the church that meets in your home" Phil. v1. The Church in this context being the church at Collossae.

    The Apostle Paul, In Acts 20:20 states that he preached "from house to house".

    The Church did not have buildings as we do today, and a lot of misunderstanding about the way the Church should be run is caused by people trying to transpose our way of doing things onto the early Church.

    We should not forsake meeting together, but whether this is in a special building, a home or a school hall is unimportant. What is important is that when two or three of us gather together the Lord then the Lord is with us. Matt.18:20

    God bless us all as we learn together.
  7. Exactly- some place a lot of emphasis on meeting in hone (and rightly so) because the early church did this. I am pretty sure if they had access to a larger meeting place (sans the persecution) they would have gladly used it. Home groups are good because there is a lot of personal contact and personal ministry. Church meetings are good because believers can come together in corporate worship and ministry- both have good points and I like to participate in both. Getting hung up on one or the other is getting hung up on a religious tradition. The best question to ask is "is God moving there?" If so there is no problem.:)
  8. This is a word God has given me on this same subject.

    ''Blind sacrifice''
    Malachi 1:6-8
    6 A son honors his father and a servant his master; if then I be a Father where is my honor? and if I be a master, where is my fear? saith the Lord of host, O you priest, that despise my name .And say how have we despised thy name?
    7 You offer polluted bread upon my alter; and say, The table of the Lord is contemptible.
    8 And you offer the blind for your sacrifice, Is this not evil? and if you offer the lame and the sick, is that not evil? Offer it now to the govenor; will he be pleased with you? or accept thy person? saith the Lord of host.

    This is us ''The American church''of today, we do not honor God nor do we fear him. We honor ourselves and fear nothing, we have been taught by seeker sensitive churches and the OSAS doctrine and the hyper grace teachers that all we must do is make a profession of faith and we are eternaly secure.
    We live mon-sat like the world and think we can come to church on sunday and worship God this is polluted bread and dishonors God.
    We party all weekend and show up sunday morning giving God praise this is blind, lame, and sick sacrifices and shows a lack of fear and knowledge of the righteous judgment of God.
    We dishonor God in our action, teaching, beliefs, and doctrine.

    Malachi 1:9-10
    9 And now you pray and beseech God that he will be gracious unto us; this is been by your means will he regard your persons? saith the Lord.
    10 Who in there even among you would shut the door for naught? neither do you kindle fire on my altar for naught. I have no pleasure on you, neither will I accept an offering at your hand.

    You think that God will be gracious to you for showing up on Sunday and claiming his name, HE WILL NOT.
    He takes no pleasure in you.
    Your profession of faith is mute.
    He will not here your lies.

    What we must do is is turn to God out of a pure and honest heart of repentance.
    Then he will hear you and forgive your sins.

    Refrain from sin, die to self, and exalt God into his proper place.
    Then he will justify you.

    Honor and Fear God now for judgment is coming.
  9. Salvation is not just some prayer that is stolen from somebody, salvation is God showing you that you are lost, and only then can we be saved, we then have to believe in Jesus (John 3:16) confess our sins to him (i john 1:9) then trust in him ( Romans 10:9-13). However, this is the easy part, from there we have to grow in christ, and not put things on the foundation of the temple that God has made (I Cor 3:1-23).
    As for Malachi 1:10-16 if God is willing that will be my next sermon. Malachi 1:8-9 was my sermon two weeks ago. God was there as he always is and we had a great time in the Lord.

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