Making Applesauce

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  1. Making Applesauce

    I have an apple tree that is full of apples and would like to make something out of them. I'm getting domestic I guess! I thought maybe applesauce would be easiest. I think freezing would be best because I don't have all the canning tools. Jars especially. So, does anyone have a receipt for applesauce? I suppose peeling them and then cooking them would be the way it would be done, but I have no idea if they need to be sweetened or if I can just put it in freezing containers when I'm done. ??

    Also, I think my mom used to just freeze chunks or something for pies during Winter. Is there a secret in keeping them from turning brown? Thanx for any advice. Have not been able to find a receipt in books.
  2. I know more about eating than cooking but this should do the trick and it is available almost anywhere:
  3. Hey! That should do the trick! Thanx, Bo!
  4. To make applesauce, I peel, core and cut the apples.... then place in boiling water with a couple of cinnamon sticks. Not a lot of water, just enough to cover them. (You can also put some apple juice in. Boil until tender. Drain water. Remove cinnamon sticks. Mash up apples and add sugar.
  5. Oh, BOG, that just sounds good! This I can do. Sounds pretty simple. I do have an apple peeler, so it should be pretty simple. Thanx for that.
  6. another good (and tasty) way of keeping fresh fruit from going bronw is lemon juice you dont need very much just enough to lightly coat the fruit. not only does it stop it from going brown it adds a very nice flavour to it (especially if the apples are very sweet ones). also if you have other fruits such as raspberries, strawberries etc... you can try adding some of those to your apple sauce
  7. Dear SS,

    How about apple butter?

    My grandfather back in the 50's and 60's made applebutter semi commercially. He used a huge probably 40 gallon copper kettle with a wood fire underneath. He started by heating about 20 gallons of cider and adding peeled apples to the pot. I think if you keep the apples in water after you peel them the oxygen cannot get to them and turn them brown. I don't remember his full recipe, but the applesauce was really super good.

    Ummmm coffee and apple butter bread - I'm drooling on my keyboard at just the thought.

  8. I haven't had apple butter in 20 years Larry.

  9. My wife does almost the same but instead of boiling them she puts them in the microwave. Much faster and just as tasty.
  10. Hey Bonnie you can buy those ones where you put the apple in the machine and it peals it for you. I ove the one with the cinnamon sticks . Now you brought back the old memories when my mom used to make apple sauce for the winter months.:cool::cool:

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