Magic Eye - 3D

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  1. Magic Eye - 3D

    I was surprised to learn how many can't see the 3-D image on these pictures. If you cant see it - put your face close to the screen and slowly back away. It works if you do not let your eyes converge on a single image. Your eyes should be looking at two ajacent images.

    Can tou see the 3-D image?

  2. That is so cool!
    I won't give it away but the ____ stands right out in the center!

  3. That is really neat. I love those pictures. My dad actually has a book with a bunch of them in it.
  4. Hey! My gramma has a pillow just like that!

    ...Gramma? Gramma!


    My best friend could never see these and always wondered what the hub-bub was...then one time, I told him to hold his hand up to his face like he was one of the 3 Stooges protecting himself against fingers-in-the-eyes. Hold your flat hand (fingers together) against the bridge of your nose. Get close to the picture. My friend was like..."Wow!"
  5. That is so neat.
  6. i can only see flowers.
  7. Did you try Whirlwind's suggestion?
  8. I see it! Though I had to cross my eyes. Awesometistical. (It's a word now.)
  9. It took a while but when it worked... Wow. Fab
  10. WOW!

    It looks like you can reach right inside of the monitor.

    Very Cool!!!
  11. My left eye drifts to the outside(floating eye or lazy eye) so I can't see these things. But my left side peripheral vision is awesome!:rolleyes:
  12. what happened with my eyes?
  13. Wow. I got lost in it, I almost couldn't get out! :eek:
  14. See? I can see these images just fine, most of the other ones, too...

    but for some reason Bo's stinky feet image and some of Dusty's images are just red X's.

    I right-clicked and went to properties, says the link is unavailable so I posted the link in my browser address bar and followed it to a dead page. :(

    Oh well...

    ...whatever is wrong with my puter today, it'll heal itself like it always does, hee hee.:p
  15. My husband can't see them, he is blind on one eye... so yeah I try not to rub it in that I can see them LOL;)
  16. I could never see these blasted things! Until I crossed my eyes like someone said. Then, I saw it! So weird! When you move your head, you feel weird, like you're high or something. I'm glad my eyes uncrossed! :p
  17. aww really nice!
    I miss those!!I used to have many when I was a child.
  18. I don't see anything! [​IMG]

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