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  1. Violet .... I loved the picture of Midget. That is precious.
    You must have a lot of property to have all those animals egh ?

    Yes, my son has left Vida here for me to "babysit" and when I take her for a walk everyone remarks about her.... how pretty she is.
  2. Violet, I love her! She is so beautiful and so white. Is that you in the picture with her?

    I have 2 poodles, both boys, Berry and Caper. One's white, the other reddish-brown. They are really sweet, especially Berry and I love that they did not become jealous when we brought home the girls.

  3. Dusty, we have almost an acre.
    Hard to believe since we live right outside a major city.
    God truly blessed us with a big house and big yard!

    Thank you, Laura.
    Yes, that's me. Do I look different there?
    Must be the hair~
    Do the girls play with the dogs at all now?
  4. Yes, you do look different but very beautiful, all in white. It reminds me of those paintings you see with a beautiful woman in a meadow with a lamb in her lap.

    Yes, the dogs do play with the girls but I think it is soooo funny that they are afraid of them. They want to be in the same room but run when they see them coming. Faith wants to hug them all the time, so I actually have to hold the dogs while she hugs them, which is really cute. She is a BIG hugger and I love that about her.

  5. Thank you, Laura!
    I have a passion for victorian anything, including clothing and shoes~

    That is cute imagining the girls with the dogs!!!
    I bet you have your hands full! :)
  6. All four of them!;) Just kidding! Sometimes I wish I had 4 hands!


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