Mac & Cheese to the Max!

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  1. Mac & Cheese to the Max!

    Here's how I make my Mac & Cheese with a gourmet touch! I'll mainly touch base on the cheese part of it and the other additions, since we already know how to boil macaroni ;)

    Mix the cheese powder with Milk or Soy Milk
    While the cheese mix is boiling, add some butter
    Sprinkle a bit of these following seasonings: Oregano, Basil, and Parsley
    And the final ingredients are...Swedish Meatballs!!! :)

    There you take on making a fancy version of everyday food
  2. hahaha sounds good! Yay! Canadian Cuisine at it's finest! lol
  3. Cool .... Sounds yummy . Can't beat mac and cheese .... I make my cheese sauce from scratch so will add all those other ingredients. Never thought of using soy milk thaough .
  4. WOW sounds very good!! Hmmmmmmm ya forgot 1 thing tho dear sister..............................Lets kik it up a notch. I want to try this with some cayenne pepper. For sure it will keep the bones warm. This I GOTTA try! Interesting combo. I will try it without and with. I know both are going to be very good. i got me a HOT fuzzy bout this 1!
    Thanks sis for the tip o da day

    Chili out.
  5. Hahaha "sis"? I'm actually a dude, so "bro" would be more like it. :)

  6. Dont feel bad, I've been called both LOL ! (nobody knows) :smiley100:
  7. Are you a goumet chef Geddy?
    We might all want to go to your house :D

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