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Is it okay for a Christian to play M Rated Games?

  1. Yes, it's always okay.

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  2. No, it's never okay.

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  3. Sometimes, depending on the game's content and if it goes against the Bible or God in any way.

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  1. Hello everyone. I was curious to see what everyone thought on this topic. Are M rated games okay for Christians to play? I say Yes and No. Here's my explanation:

    Yes: The reason that one answer is Yes is that it depends on what game it is and what it consists of. There are games that I think ESRB go too far with. Although, ESRB is looking at this at a point of view of the parental side of the game. I think one example of this is Call of Duty. Call of Duty is a shooting game that ESRB rates as "Intense Violence" and "Strong Language" game. I think that as long as there isn't anything that is sacrilegious within the game or denies that God is real then I don't think that it's too big of a problem.

    No: The reason my other answer is No is that some games are just too violent and too explicit and have very inappropriate content not made for Christians. For example, Grand Theft Auto is a game that is the perfect example for this. This game is an Open World game where you can basically do whatever you want. This consists of things like gangs, robbery, and things that aren't okay for Christians to be playing and/or seeing. This is because it is such a realistic game that it almost makes you feel like you are actually committing that crime. I completely despise this game.

    What do you all think? Do you think it's completely No or it's always Yes? Now, I know this isn't a topic that is hardly ever mentioned but I'd just like to see what CFS has to say about this.
  2. Hi Saved By Grace,

    I personally play rated M games from time to time, and in fact, find them the most enjoyable. I recently just finished "The Last of Us", which is a solid 10/10 in my opinion.

    Am I going to personally expose my children to these sorts of games? No, because I want them to find enjoyment in other things. But, since I was raised on video games, I enjoy playing them and it doesn't hurt my faith.

    Some video games I stay away from because of certain themes or concepts in them, but I don't say no to all M games.

    This is an issue of liberty. We, as Christians, have the right to do whatever we want. But, are all things helpful and good? No.

    If playing rated M games hurts your love for Christ, or makes you feel sinful, then stop it! But, if you can play M rated video games while still holding to the truth, then play them as much as you please.

    Why should we put laws on Christians who find enjoyment in these things? I don't play M rated games for the gross gore and violence, I play them because they get my blood pumping and I enjoy them.

    Decide these things for yourself Saved By Grace, and pray to God if you aren't sure about anything.
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  3. I agree completely with what you just said. (just to point out, I finished the Last Of Us on PS4 and thought it was great) it didn't hurt my faith nor did I dwell on it. I played it because it was enjoyable, the graphics were superior, and the survival was real. But yes, agree with everything you just said.
  4. I would just say this. Love Christ, and do what you will without ever leaving that Love.

    I Love Jesus, yet I play M rated video games. Big deal!

    It might be a serious issue for some, but for people like you and me it's just recreation.
  5. I don't think Jesus would play an M rated game.
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  6. You are right. But are we gonna throw stones at those who do?
  7. Do you kill people in these games?
  8. Sure, but I don't play video games to kill people, I play them because they are entertaining.
  9. Killing people should not be entertaining.
  10. What goes in will come out.....
  11. Are you stating that if I play a video game with guns and killing that I will become that in real life? Because, if so, I completely disagree. I know plenty of Christians that are great with the Lord and they play shooter games. But they don't waver or have doubts because of it.
  12. It's not that the killing is entertaining, it's the strategy and the graphics that make it entertaining. It's the realistic value that draws me into it. Sure, it's violent, not going to deny that fact. If you play them 24/7 it is known to cause some anger and impatience. But if you play them in good quantities, it has no affect on you whatsoever.
  13. It's okay to disagree- I respect your opinion. Just know I am a US Army veteran that turned down a spot as a sniper and used to love playing first-person shooters. I have ceased that behavior as it hindered my walk with Christ.

    "Be ye Holy..."
  14. Or you could talk to my neighbor that is married with 2 kids and pulled a gun on his wife and now has CPS (Child Protective Services) visiting every week after 6 months of separation from his home...

    He was (maybe still is) a CoD (Call of Duty) addict...

    Probably just a coincidence....
  15. I guarantee you he had more wrong with him than just being addicted to call of duty...
  16. I get it. But you're missing my point. I don't find killing people entertaining in a video game nor am I even remotely interested in guns in real life. The closest thing I have been to a gun is shooting a BB gun at a barrel and I was young. I didn't even shoot it by myself. I am not looking to even hold a gun at all. Only if I feel the need to protect myself from a bad environment when I am an adult will I probably ever wield a gun.
  17. This is a clear example of Satan insidiously worming his way in your soul. You even defend him at this point and become irritated at the thought of letting him go.
  18. But I'm not sinning because of it... Here's the thing: Video games are a form of recreation. They don't want to make you become what you see in a video game, in real life. People that are terrorists just want attention. I don't believe they get the idea from video games. It's just mindless fun, entertainment, that keeps your mind going. That's what video games are for, really. There are benefits to playing shooting games also. You develop better hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

    My point is, video games are not having an affect on me in life. Sure, maybe I have played them too much sometimes instead of studying for a test. But I have realized now that studying more and playing video games less will help me get better grades. This is really the only thing that has affected me before. And you totally ignored the fact that I said I played them in good quantities. Not 24/7.
  19. Instead of simulating killing what if the game simulated another sin such as adultry? Would you defend it then?

    You are courting the devil. Let the sinful games go and take a walk with Christ.
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  20. Ask yourself this. If Jesus was standing in the room next to you would you play the game in front of him? Would you feel any convicting feelings if you did? Do you think he would approve?
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