Lunar Eclipse

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by violet, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Lunar Eclipse

    It was, is, really cool to watch!
    Did anyone else watch?
    My kids are taking pictures now!
  2. 6000 foot cloud cover here -
  3. Wow I thoght that was last week- well anyway I never stay up that late
  4. My kids woke ME up at 4am to watch it!

  5. Sadly, due to my past, I make it a point not to track these things and make a great deal of effort to not take notice of them. Kinda like looking back at Sodom and Gomorrah.
  6. I understand and respect that Ban -
  7. I was at work, and was able to look when iot was almost half darkened.
    Unfortunately, the moon set before totality in my area. (and I was still at work!)
  8. My sky was empty. :mad:
  9. I went to bed early, woke up at 2 and watched the whole thing. It was pretty cool but never got blood red, more just a brownish. The reddest I've ever seen the moon is when there were forest fires, made the moon look red.
  10. That's what happens when you live on the bottom half-LOL!
  11. I DO have pics but I don't know where they uploaded to!!!!

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