Luke 6:38: Mete Withal

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  1. Let's do a study on this famous verse about yes , tithing , and what the phrase "mete withal" means. Could someone explain in simple terms what that means, please ? Here's the verse since I know not many people stumble upon it.

    38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

    And what I think the whole verse is saying is that we need to tithe without complaint because when we tithe we get things back in return. Doesn't mean money, but other things.
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    Funny but Tithing is not mentioned in that verse merely giving (2 Corinthians 9:7). Tithes are great discipline and are quite honorable but are not required in the New Covenant. In the New Covenant ALL we have and are are His also most of what the Tithes were for was maintenance of the Levitical system (later physical care for the Temple and its services) and caring for the poor, and sometimes for sheer rejoicing (see Deuteronomy 14)...we no longer have a levitical system, and care for the poor in other ways (even subsidized housing and food stamps are one method let alone the fact that our Christian "giving" provides millions of free meals, clothing, housing, medicines, etc.) though I realize it is often not enough it is by far more than what Tithing was for the children of Israel.

    Mete withal refers to the measure you give....some give all or most of themselves to God now multiply that (its called bearing fruit...)...what is more important to God, giving ten percent or all that is needed when the circumstance is shown to you by Him? The sacrificial system and caring for the levites assigned (they received no material inheritance) was a "necessity" associated with the practice of the Law and aside from that a matter of the heart but now we have a heart toward and in God. To make rich pastors and super-churches even richer (when people in their own congregations are being evicted or are having a hard time eating) is to me abominable.
  3. Whenever I hear someone talking about tithing, I always think of that verse. That's why I thought it was talking about tithing.
  4. Wow! JF...your picture looks familiar...
  5. the antique English gets them every time.

    As you give to others so shall it be given to you.
    Throw your bread upon the waters and it shall return to you sevenfold. (but who wants seven loaves of soggy bread?)
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    Yes, I know. No need to bring it to everyone's attention. And sorry if I sound defensive. I just don't need a sermon about what he teaches to be wrong. Read my "Can I Make a Small Requesr?" thread to see what I have said. Thanks, and now back to the purpose if this thread. .........

    What does the phrase "mete withal" mean?
  7. No...I was just making my typically pathetic attempt at humor! You can tell by my AKA that I use to shed many tears singing for a rock group, 96 of them actually (also, getting rocks to play instruments was really difficult). See what I mean?

    However back on point, I also believe this principle applies to more than giving money and goods. I think it can also be applied to how we judge one another and more. Have you ever considered this?

    brother Paul

  8. No I haven't.
  9. The Greek break down means the measure you set aside, allotted, is returned back.

    So the measure you measure, shall be measured back to you again according to your measure.
  10. Yes basically "to measure" even in the Hebrew...

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