Luke 14;11

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  1. Luke 14;11

    “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

    God bless
  2. Univac .... What do you think this passage means ?
  3. we need to read verse 10-13 to understand the answer to what Jesus was refering to Gods word explains itself we just need to recieve and apply the truths to ourselves by faith what a wonderful saviour He is so rich in mercy Hebrews 4:16
  4. Jesus of nazareth is the way the truth the life its Gods wod and it speaks for itself we need the wjhole counsel of God i am confused why i wasnt taught the truihs im learning now please dont missunderstand my statemebnt evey believer needs to atudy the wod of God for themselves and pray that God gives them wisdom and understanding in the truth of His word i truly cant believe some counsel that is being given to believers just today soeone state that some peopkle die in the wilderness tha is in Gods word but if i look at the teacing of scripture from the epistles and even the personal dealings of Jesus with His people whart is bein taufght out there is totally contradictrary to Gods word i believe whole heartidly Gods infallible word the Holy bible Jesus restored Peter after edenying ZHim three times He even gave jezeble time to repent i am digging deep into Gods word and testing everything im tol;d by others to see what fruit is being prioduced even in my life but through it all GHod keeps encouraging me through His word He is faithfull God bless i love you all
  5. Hi Dusty

    1 That those who are arrogant due to their ignorance will be humbled to

    2Those of self will be broken and will yield to the Holy Spirit.

    3 Those who wan't to be first will be last

    4 Those who want to be great will be least.

    5 The poor will be rich and the rich poor

    6 The one who listens is the one to teach.

    7 The one whois the teacher is the servant to the one that listens

    8 The one who washes the feet is the one who's feet will be washed.

    9 The one that loves others like himself will be loved.

    10 The one that gives His life for his friends gives his life to Him.

    11 Love God with all your heart mind soul and strength and He will love and respect you

    The law of Heaven :)

    God bless

  6. Praise God univac.... I was going to answer and you said it all ... God richly bless you my brother.


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