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  1. I spent most of my life hating myself and hating God because I felt that it was His fault that My life was so messed up. I did not know how to love and I felt unloved all of my life, and I hated myself and my life.
    I could not look in the mirror and I could not be around people because I knew that they were judging me.
    It was not about body image it was about my mental illness, and I knew that people just did not like me. I had a very distructive life and a very painful childhood I have never had any convidence in myself.
    I am a Incest serviver and a rape serviver, and I live with Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD. I also live with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). I have been a self harmer since I was five years old. I have attempted to take my life many times.
    I found the lord over twenty years ago and He has changed my life and I no longer allow any of my illnesses control me. I have turned my life over to Him and I no longer do the things I once did, because the Lord holds my hand each and every day and He guides me through my life.
    I love myself because He told me if he can love me unconditionally why can;t I love myself. He has forgiven me for all that I have done in my life that I held on to for so long that it hindered my growth.
    Now I am His and I do nothing without talking to Him first. The Lord is Love and He has tought me to not worry about me, but see what I can do to love others even those that are hard to love. It is not about me anymore.
    God Bless!!!!
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  2. Praise God! That you let him in to fix those things that were broken. God bless you my friend! Thank you for sharing your encouraging testimony.
    Blessings of peace and joy be yours in abundance!
  3. Thank you for your story!
  4. Change is the proof one is saved. Glory to God!! He knows how to take care of us!
  5. Thanks for responding I feel i need to share what the Lord has done for me. Bless you all
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  6. Hello Elizabeth,
    Big tears and smiles reading this tersimony of yours. I understand where you have come from for I have several friends and one very dear and close to my heart that was MPD. I have seen things no oner can explain and yet God over comes them all. I am very excited and joyful hearing waht God has been doing and I am looking forward to your fellowship.
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  7. Elizabeth, my wife has the same disorder that you have and has done the same things you described. We have bee married almost 43 years, and yes it has been very hard at times not only to me and my family but to her also. She did no ask for what she has, it is just a part of living in this broken world filled with sin.
    Every thing has been good for the last 14 years with out going into the hospital. God has been good to me and all my family. Without the Lord things would have not been good at all. My wife is 52 years old, not to much younger than you. There is hope, confidence, and faith that he will, and does keep you from harm, and he will be your steady rock. Never give in to the thoughts of your mind and trust in your heart all ways that can never be compromised, as that is the mind of Christ!
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  8. Great books to read are by Neil T. Anderson - like "The Bondage Breaker" to know who we are in Christ Jesus. Really Good. And Awesome overcoming story :)

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  9. That reminds me of a scripture in song.

    I belong to God...and the battle with the enemy is already won!
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